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Why we March–to represent unborn babies targeted for abortion by prenatal testing

by | Jan 20, 2016

By Eileen Haupt

KIDS-at-NRLC55reAs we have since the 2009 March for Life, KIDS (Keep Infants with Down Syndrome) will meet at the headquarters of the National Right to Life Committee (512 10th St., NW), on Friday, January 22nd, from 10:30 a.m. to noon. NRLC generously provides sandwiches and refreshments. Around noon, we will walk the few blocks to the National Mall to join the rally and March to the Supreme Court.

The March for Life social media #WhyWeMarch campaign invites pro-lifers to post photos and the reasons for participating in the annual March for Life. A video that a friend shared on Facebook today perfectly illustrates the reason “why we march,” and also why our family will be attending the annual KIDS event.

Joanna, the young mother in the video, eloquently shares her testimony about discovering through prenatal testing that her unborn baby had Down syndrome. Joanna had felt a peace about this unexpected news and had trust in God, saying, “His peace was all over it.”

However, she was unprepared by the offensive questions asked by medical personnel she encountered during her appointments, hinting at the expectation that she would abort her child. Joanna powerfully presents this scenario:

“Sometimes it’s like a nightmare to think that across the country, in all the physicians’ offices, every day, all day, women are made to feel that it’s a normal reaction and response to dispose of the unwanted and the inconvenient.”

Wow! If that doesn’t sum up the tragic and unethical use of prenatal testing, I don’t know what does. A nightmare, indeed!

Joanna concludes her testimony wishing people could know the blessings these children bring. Yes, if only mothers could feel, when they receive that diagnosis, the joy their babies would bring, they would never abort. My daughter Sadie, now 17, has been nothing but a blessing. The experience is far different than the one we are conditioned to fear.

This is precisely the reason why Leticia Velasquez and I co-founded KIDS eight years ago. We wanted to invite families who have children with Down syndrome to join us in walking together in the March for Life, to represent those unborn babies with this genetic condition who are targeted for abortion by prenatal testing. We wanted to raise awareness about the tragically high abortion rate of babies with Down syndrome, and also to proclaim the joys they bring to their families and communities.

Do you have a child, relative, or friend with Down syndrome? Or would you simply like to show support for unborn babies with Down syndrome and other genetic conditions? We would love to have you and your families join us at the KIDS event at the NRLC headquarters and later walk together as a group in the March for Life.

For more information, contact Eileen at

Babies with Down syndrome have the right to be born and are great blessings! And that is #WhyWeMarch.

Eileen Haupt is co-founder of Keep Infants with Down Syndrome (KIDS) and is the alternate delegate from Vermont to the National Right to Life Committee board.

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