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With your help Autos for Life rolls into 2016!

by | Jan 26, 2016

By David N. O’Steen, Jr.

We are already nearing the end of January and 2016 has the potential to be a pivotal turning point for the pro-life movement. National Right to Life needs your help more than ever!

Our “Autos for Life” program is one way that you can help the most defenseless in society.

Thanks to dedicated pro-lifers like you, Autos for Life has received a wide variety of donated vehicles from across the country! Each of these special gifts is vital to our ongoing life-saving work in these challenging times.

Please, keep them coming!

Recent donations to Autos for Life include a 1995 Buick Century from a pro-life family in New Jersey, a 1979 Lincoln Town Car from a pro-life gentleman in Pennsylvania, and a 2003 Jeep Liberty from a pro-life supporter in New York. As always, 100% of the sale amount for these vehicles went to further the life-saving educational work of National Right to Life.

As pro-lifers know, this year will be very important to our Movement. You can make a big difference in helping to save the lives of unborn babies as well as the lives of the most vulnerable in our society! By donating your vehicle to Autos for Life, you can help save lives and receive a tax deduction for the full sale amount!

Your donated vehicle can be of any age, and can be located anywhere in the country! All that we need from you is a description of the vehicle (miles, vehicle identification number (VIN#), condition, features, the good, the bad, etc.) along with several pictures (the more the better), and we’ll take care of the rest. Digital photos are preferred, but other formats work as well.

To donate a vehicle, or for more information, call David at (202) 626-8823 or e-mail

You don’t have to bring the vehicle anywhere, or do anything with it, and there is no additional paperwork to complete. The buyer picks the vehicle up directly from you at your convenience! If the vehicle is in non-running condition, we can also get it picked up for you as well! All vehicle information can be emailed to us directly at or sent by regular mail to:

Autos for Life
c/o National Right to Life
512 10th St. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20004

“Autos for Life” needs your help in making 2016 a great year for the pro-life movement! Please join us in helping to defend the most defenseless in our society.

We are so grateful for your ongoing partnership and support! We thank you, and the babies thank you!

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