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Woman who aborted to care for teenager daughter’s baby will be the face of Scotland’s “Don’t Stop A Beating Heart” campaign

by | Jan 12, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Unbornbaby76Last week NRL News Today wrote about the formation of a new pro-life umbrella group to thwart any attempt to expand abortion in Scotland.

The name of organization is “Don’t Stop A Beating Heart” and is being coordinated by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children /Scotland.

The reason for the coalition is that back in November, the British House of Commons overwhelmingly voted to grant the Scottish Parliament control over the country’s abortion laws. The usual pro-abortion suspects quickly began talking about “expanding” the law which already allows abortion through the 24th week.

The latest development, according to the Daily Record, is that a 56-year-old woman, known only as Jolene, who herself has had an abortion, will spearhead the campaign.

What is her story? John Ferguson reports it is complicated, to put it mildly, and very, very tragic.

Nineteen years ago Jolene was 37, the happily married mother of two teenagers. But then, Ferguson explains,

It then emerged her daughter, 15, was pregnant.

Jolene said: “We came to terms with it and decided the best plan would be that I stayed home with the two babies and my daughter, although it would be difficult, would go back to school.”

But before her daughter had the baby, Jolene found she was pregnant again.

The prospect of caring for three babies was overwhelming. But having promised her daughter she would look after her child, she felt she had no option but to terminate her pregnancy.

She said: “Panic set in. I was devastated. I made a decision that was to change the next 13 years of my life”.

But the “solution” solved nothing. “I just felt so empty, dirty and frightened,” Jolene explained.

“I had never heard of post-abortion trauma but I experienced that throughout the next 13 years,” she continued. “Some people may say, ‘You had an abortion, get over it’. But you can’t get over it. You just want to hold on to whatever memory of your unborn child you have.”

Clearly, Jolene’s testimony is powerful and compelling.

“Don’t Stop A Beating Heart” is supported by the Catholic Church in Scotland, the Muslim Council of Scotland and the Free Church of Scotland, the Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline, Christian charity Care, and Cardinal Winning’s Prolife Initiative. The group “says it has brought Scotland’s pro-life groups under the same banner for the first time and is ‘a significant show of strength.’”

“The rights of the unborn child are facing new threats with the impending devolution of powers to the Scottish Parliament from Westminster [the House of Commons,],” said John Deighan, chief executive of SPUC Scotland and campaign co-ordinator.

“Already, well in advance of the transfer of legislative authority, we are hearing a clamour for further extension of the existing, excessively liberal law,” which, he said, “could see abortion legalised from the existing 24-week limit, in most cases, up until the point of birth.”

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