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A grieving mother’s plea to Northern Ireland Assembly not to allow abortion

by | Feb 8, 2016

Editor’s note. The following comes from our British friends at the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC). As we posted last week, there will be a vote this week on two amendments introduced to pending legislation which would change existing law to permit abortion in cases of rape and when the unborn child is diagnosed with a disability.

sadwoman938On Friday we received one of the most moving letters we have ever received. It was addressed variously to those Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly (MLAs) who have tabled [introduced] amendments, due to be debated tomorrow (Feb 9) and/or Wednesday (Feb 10), to allow abortion in the cases of disability, fatal foetal abnormality and criminal acts (rape and incest).

The letter read (in part):

“I am at all times a mother to 10 children; two I am lucky to have here with me, seven in heaven and one in a precarious state presently in my womb … I find your collective stance morally repugnant and exceptionally hurtful in light of what I, a woman, who has had seven unsuccessful pregnancies (where I did not get to bring my baby home), has endured for five and a half very long, difficult and painful years. You care about the women …well then listen to me, a woman….Have you stopped to think how grossly offensive and deeply hurtful your stance is to those mothers who carried their life-limited babies to term, birthed them with dignity and held them with love as they slipped away? Don’t you care about these women?”

“I can’t ‘abort’ my grief or memories of those exceptionally difficult experiences…there is no ‘quick fix’ for me (although it is erroneous to suggest that abortion is a ‘quick fix’. It is not. It has profound and long lasting effects on a woman)….I have to endure indescribable pain and suffering… both physical and psychological. I don’t have ‘a choice’. And I don’t have any support.”

“It annoys me intensely that abortion advocates are constantly telling women they ‘can’t cope’ in various situations or ‘shouldn’t have to cope’ and they ‘need’ abortion. No one ever ‘needs’ abortion. This stance is so insulting to women; almost -somewhat ironically, anti-feminist….women are much stronger than pro abortion advocates give them credit for…”

“We absolutely need to support couples in this devastating position…so put your energies into this. Put time, money and energy into peri-natal hospice care…”

“Why abort a baby because he/she is the result of rape? Why kill the child? The child didn’t rape the mother.”

“I sit here imploring you to listen to me and to reflect, to protect and value life.”

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