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Hillary Clinton’s dismal “Town Hall” performance

by | Feb 4, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

clintonsanders881The Washington Post runs a column under the headline, “Who had the worst week in Washington,” typically choosing an individual who had… a really bad week.

If there was an award for “Who had the worst day in Washington,” it surely would have gone to pro-abortion Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton and fellow pro-abortionist Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders participated in back-to-back appearances at a town-hall style forum on CNN Wednesday night.

Our concern as single-issue voters is not who is the “most progressive” (a major flash point last night), except as “progressive” is synonymous with being pro-abortion to the hilt. Both Democrats are in the tank for the Abortion Lobby.

Nor is our concern as single-issue voters whether Mrs. Clinton has a very cozy relationship with “Wall Street,” as Sanders charges every chance he gets. But it is important to us as we look to the November presidential election if her responses are so transparently untrue that even places like the Post call her to task for it.

Why? Because that feeds into the narrative that the former Secretary of State, to put it gently, has truth issues. Virtually all the polls are in line with the results of a December Quinnipiac University National Poll in which 60% said she is “not honest and trustworthy.”

The Post just slammed her in today’s newspaper. Here are two examples from different stories.

The first refers to a question asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper about Clinton having received $675,000 from Goldman Sachs for three speeches. Her “explanation,” Post reporter James Hohmann argued “sounded flip.”


The most problematic part of her answer came when she insisted something that is demonstrably untrue: “They’re not giving me very much money now, I can tell you that much. Fine with me.”

We’re then told

The latest FEC reports reveal that Hillary reached a major milestone during the fourth quarter of 2015: Donors in the financial sector have now given more to support her campaigns than Bill [Clinton]’s.

In a separate story, written by Matea Gold, Tom Hamburger and Anu Narayanswamy , the lead was

Even as Hillary Clinton has stepped up her rhetorical assault on Wall Street, her campaign and allied super PACs have continued to rake in millions from the financial sector, a sign of her deep and lasting relationships with banking and investment titans.

The MSNBC debate is tonight. You can probably anticipate some real sparks to fly.

Likewise at the Republican debate this Saturday hosted by ABC News. As we posted yesterday, with so much on the line, the candidates are pulling fewer and fewer punches.

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