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Joshua Woodward sentenced to nine years for slipping abortifacient to pregnant girlfriend

by | Feb 1, 2016

By Dave Andrusko



Joshua Woodward, a one-time high flying Manhattan restaurateur, was sentenced Friday to nine years in jail for three times slipping his girlfriend an abortifacient. Woodward “succeeded” the third time in October 2009 when Gail Greaves aborted her baby at 13 weeks.

Last November Woodward pleaded “no contest” to attempted murder.

The New York Daily News, which had covered the case closely, wrote of the impassioned victim impact statement Greaves, now 45, delivered in court. According to Nancy Dillon

“Do you not understand that you are a textbook psychopath?” Greaves said at the sentencing in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

“Do you really not understand what you’ve done to me, yourself, your family? You took my choice away.”

“I get to see you sitting there right now with no remorse. You are a sick, sick individual, and you are disgusting,” she added. “You don’t care who you hurt as long as you get what you want.”

As NRL News Today reported, Woodward “begged” Greaves to abort. She refused, and said she would raise the baby on her own. Following a bitter breakup, Woodward pretended he wanted to reconcile by moving out to Hollywood where Greaves was living.

In fact he was planning to induce Greaves to abort against her will and without her knowledge. Dillon wrote that, according to documents

Unbeknownst to her at the time, Woodward secretly began researching misoprostol online, authorities said in court documents obtained by The News.

He typed the phrases, “Ways men have forced abortions” and “Evil ways to terminate a pregnancy” into his Web search engine…

In her victim impact statement, Greaves also said

“While I was Googling, ‘Should I vaccinate my child?’ ‘What are the good schools?’ ‘What are the best strollers?’ ‘What are the best cribs?’…You were Googling ‘Evil ways to force an abortion,’ and how to use chloroform to knock me out and different ways to drug me” …

“And I was one of your closest friends and have never done anything to you ever,” she added, raising her voice with emotion.

After the third use of misoprostol, Greaves suffered severe cramping and miscarried about 15 hours later. She grew suspicions and called police who set up a sting operation, Dillon reported.

Investigators told her to keep the miscarriage a secret and invite Woodward back over. A week later, police arrested Woodward outside her Los Angeles apartment with more misoprostol, they said.

“With his right hand he pulled out a small piece of clear plastic with a white powdery substance from his right front pocket and started grinding the item on his pants just below the pocket,” the detective wrote in the 2009 court paperwork.

Dillon reported that Woodward is expected to serve at least 85% of the sentence in state prison.

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