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PPFA’s Political Arms brag about how much money they will spend on behalf of Hillary Clinton

by | Feb 26, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

PPHillaryClintonPAC4Am I lucky, or what? My family lives in Virginia and POLITICO is reporting that the cash-drenched political arms of Planned Parenthood are going to spend a boatload of money in my state, Michigan, and Texas.

Let’s check the boilerplate statement of Deirdre Schifeling, executive director of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. (The PP Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Votes are the two entities vowing to make a “seven figure, pro-Clinton ad buy.”)

“Hillary Clinton is the only candidate in this race who has made women’s health and rights a priority. Hillary Clinton has been fighting for women and their families for her entire life.” Schifeling added, “Politicians in Virginia, Texas and Michigan have been stripping women and families of their basic health and rights. Women in these three states know how important it is to elect a champion who will fight for women. That’s why so many women are standing up in support of Hillary. They know what’s at stake, and they know she’ll fight for us.”

Three quick thoughts, besides the obvious fact that Mrs. Clinton has had major problems winning the support of Democratic women in her battle with fellow pro-abortionist Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders.

We’re told “The campaign will use videos, digital ads, phone banks and mailers” in support of the former Secretary of State whom the largest “provider” of abortions endorsed over Sen. Bernie Sanders a while back. We can just hope/pray we can avoid the tedious onslaught.

Second, back in January, the New York Times (of all places) wrote about their cheek by jowl relationship. In writing about PPFA’s first-ever-in-a-presidential-primary endorsement of Clinton, Amy Chozick observed

The Clinton campaign has functioned almost as a marketing arm for Planned Parenthood, featuring a section on its official website titled “17 times Hillary Clinton stood with Planned Parenthood,” Facebook messages and Instagram posts with the hashtag #StandwithPP. (Ms. Richards’ daughter works on the campaign’s staff in Iowa.)

Third, PPFA’s political arms will keep the press updated with hot-off-the-press PR statements about how they are spending their latest cache of money. But to be fair to Chozick, she did note that the endorsement was/is not an unmixed blessing:

The endorsement does not come without risks for Mrs. Clinton. Planned Parenthood is a polarizing topic and the group suffered damaging public relations setbacks this summer when anti-abortion rights activists released video of an official from the group discussing the price of providing fetal parts.

The Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Votes will spend, spend, spend.

But come November, they will lose, lose, lose.

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