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Abortion clinic: “We do sacred work”

by | Mar 29, 2016

By Sarah Terzo

Quick Same Day Abortions graphicSign in the waiting room of Summit Women’s Center, owned by David Lipton, an abortion clinic in Connecticut.

“The staff in this office does sacred work and though you may hope to never come back, we return each day to hear your stories, hold your hands, and ease your fears. Our lives are consumed with caring for yours. In these walls and in our hearts you are forever valued, treasured, respected and safe.”

Quoted in Eleanor J. Bader, “40 Years after Roe V. Wade, Getting an Abortion Is Still a Major Challenge” On the Issues, Winter 2013.

Read about abortion’s physical and emotional consequences for women.

Editor’s note. Sarah Terzo is a pro-life author and creator of the website. She is a member of Secular Pro-Life and PLAGAL. This appeared at and is reprinted with permission

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