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Actress’ “abortion story”: just so perfect, unless you are the unborn baby

by | Mar 4, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

 Amy Brenneman

Amy Brenneman

As is often the case with the last post of the day, this is a topic I had intended to get earlier in the week to but didn’t.

Still actress Amy Brenneman’s “Why I’m Sharing My Abortion Story” is very much worth addressing.

Let’s talk about lies beneath just a couple of her observations written for Cosmopolitan.

Brenneman’s narrative fits right in the stream of accounts we’ve read about in the run up to Wednesday’s oral arguments before the Supreme Court in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the challenge to Texas’s pro-life law, HB 2.

Number One: “I have never, not for one moment, regretted my abortion.” It was “absolutely uneventful” and “left no scars.” Number Two: the reason the pro-abortion cause has not moved forward is because it didn’t have good “stories.”

So, a “good” story is one like Brenneman’s. A college-age woman (she was a junior at Harvard) has a supportive boyfriend who readily agrees that a baby would get in the way, so it’s off to the abortionist’s “clean and respectable office.”

Brenneman has “the procedure done with no pain,” and “Afterward, I breathed huge sigh of relief and thought to myself, I get my life back! ”

Of course the baby doesn’t get her life back, but no matter.

Disposal makes it possible for Brenneman and her future husband to “become parents when we had built a home to nurture our children. Indeed, being a parent has only strengthened my commitment to reproductive justice as access to legal abortion allows children a fighting chance to be born into families that desire them and can support them. “

Notice, as so often is the case, we are told that taking the child’s life is for their good. And taking her child’s life only makes Brenneman double-down on her “commitment to reproductive justice.”

Cause to ponder what might have been; to think about whether justice–reproductive, or otherwise–was extended to her baby? Nah, that’s for losers who didn’t go to Harvard.

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