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Facing certain defeat, Maryland Senate Sponsor withdraws doctor-prescribe suicide bill

by | Mar 9, 2016

By Jeffrey D. Meister, director of Administration and Legislation, Maryland Right to Life

Maryland-Right-To-Life-LogoAfter intense effort by Maryland Right to Life and coalition partners throughout Maryland, the Senate sponsor of Doctor-Prescribed Suicide, Senator Ron Young, chose to withdraw the bill.

The decision to withdraw came after the bill was scheduled for a vote by the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee today. All sides agreed the majority of the committee was poised to vote down the dangerous legislation.

Thank you for your efforts to contact your legislators and educate your neighbors on this crucial issue!

While we can celebrate this victory, we must also remember the bill remains in the House. Doctor-prescribed suicide advocates desperately want to restart momentum on this bill.

We encourage you not to let up on contacting your legislators! This issue will likely continue to make news in Annapolis and those advocating to pass this dangerous legislation will not cease if unsuccessful this year.

If you live in Maryland, simply click here and you’ll be taken to our new action center where you can quickly send a message to your elected officials–your state senator, state delegate(s), the Governor, and the Lieutenant Governor– all at once, in a matter of minutes.

Your efforts have already won over countless votes to support saving innocent human life!

The life you save may be your own.

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