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Former State Rep. testifies against Rhode Island Assisted Suicide bill

by | Mar 28, 2016

Editor’s note. This is the testimony from Nancy Elliott, a former three-term state representative from New Hampshire and a member of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition- International team. Nancy was given two minutes to testify in Rhode Island.

Nancy Elliott

Nancy Elliott

Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia opens a huge avenue for elder abuse, from gentle coercion from medical personal to things much more sinister, particularly when the senior has money. It also discriminates against people with disabilities as most people that would qualify for this act are at that time disabled. Healthy people are protected from suicide while disabled people are steered to it. It also encourages suicide in the general population. If grandma and grandpa kill themselves, when life gets hard, so will their children and grandchildren. It is a bad public policy.

When suicide is a “treatment” for certain illnesses, it creates a lower standard in our overall healthcare. When doctors end the life of their patients for having certain diseases, that discourages looking for new cures or treatments. This encourages the mentality to just give up and die. This bill as with the others I have read, is not about people that are necessarily dying. A young person with insulin dependent diabetes would qualify.

There are financial winners with Assisted Suicide. Where this is legal, state insurance has denied treatment to some patients, while offering to pay for their suicide. We all know someone that got an incorrect diagnosis from their doctor. With assisted suicide on the table, that diagnosis can lead to a deadly mistake, having the patient throw away their lives.

At a recent Massachusetts hearing a doctor that was for assisted suicide was talking about what a good doctor was. He said that doctors need to “guide people to the right choice.” As he is a proponent for assisted suicide, is there any doubt what he or other doctors like him will steer their patients toward.

For these reasons and many more we in the New Hampshire house have rejected assisted suicide/euthanasia. The last time was in 2014 where it was defeated on the floor of the House by 219 to 66. Liberals, Conservatives and Libertarians joined together to protect our citizens from this form of exploitation.

I urge the Rhode Island House of Representatives to reject it too.

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