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Pro-Abort Activists Freak Out Over Pro-Lifers on NY Times Front Page

by | Mar 4, 2016

By Matthew Balan

cecilerichardstweetSCNYTRadical feminists turned against the liberal New York Times, after the above-the-fold picture on the front page of Thursday’s edition featured three pro-life women. The trio were picketing in front of the Supreme Court on Wednesday. One held a sign from the group New Wave Feminist, which read, “I Am A Prolife Feminist.”

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards posted on Twitter, “@NYTimes forgot to take photos of the 3k folks rallying yesterday for #reprorights. Send them your best pics!” She later Tweeted out “a few options for you, @nytimes.”

The Twitter account of the Center for Reproductive Rights [which represented those challenging the Texas law] went on a tear, re-Tweeting ideological fellow-travelers attacking the New York Times for “picturing posters promoting junk science &only 1 side of story,” as RH Reality Check researcher Laura Huss put it. Many of the pro-abortion activists who went after the liberal newspaper hyped that the pro-lifers were outnumbered in front of the Supreme Court.

National Public Radio’s reporting on the dueling rallies in front of the Court even got pulled into the controversy. A Twitter post from the Center for Reproductive Rights touted correspondent Jennifer Ludden’s segment from Wednesday’s All Things Considered: “Yes! @NPR knows #WeWereThere: ‘Abortion rights supporters vastly outnumbered abortion opponents.'”

Ludden did include two soundbites from the pro-lifers. However, it should be pointed out that All Things Considered ignored the annual March for Life on its January 22, 2016 edition, when the tables were reversed and the pro-life activists “vastly outnumbered” the so-called “abortion rights supporters.”

New Wave Feminists apparently got a kick out of the wailing and gnashing and teeth from the left-wing activists. They took to their Facebook and Twitter accounts with screen caps of Tweets from Richards and the Center for Reproductive Rights account. They also included a picture their president, Destiny Herndon-DeLaRosa, smiling as she held a copy of the New York Times front page. The group also replied directly to Planned Parenthood: “Sorry @PPFA, the front page is taken. #newwavefeminists”

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