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Suicide Prevention Should Decry Assisted Suicide

by | Mar 22, 2016

By Wesley J. Smith

assistedsuicide112Suicide prevention specialists continue to try and pretend that the ubiquitous pro-suicide advocacy in the media and popular culture doesn’t have an adverse impact on the field overall. Now, the NIH is going to convene a workshop on preventing suicide.

From the NIH announcement:

The National Institutes of Health will convene a Pathways to Prevention workshop to assess the available scientific evidence to better understand the importance of identifying efforts that could be effective in preventing suicidal thoughts and behaviors as early as possible. An impartial, independent panel will identify research gaps and future research priorities.

No mention of suicide advocacy in the euthanasia/assisted suicide movement. What do you want to bet that they never bring it up.

This is a continuing pattern. Suicide prevention campaigns rarely, if ever, mention the noxious impact of assisted suicide advocacy–even though books such as Derek Humphry’s Final Exit have been found next to the bodies of dead teenagers who took his poisonous advice on how to become dead.

I mean, good grief: Look at how Brittany Maynard was–and is–lionized and lauded because she committed suicide! The cluelessness of the so-called “experts” never ceases to boggle the mind!

Editor’s note. This appeared at Wesley’s great blog.

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