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What Women Want

by | Mar 24, 2016

By Rai Rojas

Editor’s note: This first appeared on Rai’s blog.

Women in the developing world want peace, they want potable water, and they want healthcare for their kids and a safe place to live.In a few hours thousands of women representing hundreds of organizations, some which profit directly from abortion, will ask and lobby the United Nations to adopt resolutions that will guarantee abortion as a global human right. They’re going to do this by insisting that a right to Sexual Reproduction is what women want to achieve parity with men, as well as their wealthier, and lighter skinned sisters.

They’re wrong. Deadly wrong.

In a few hours these pro-abortion zealots, their friends and comrades will turn to social media, in general, Twitter in particular, and use the hashtag #WhatWomenWant as a way to promote their radicalized faux-feminist world view. Their world view so inculcated with and indoctrinated in the abortion-on-demand-for-any-reason way of thinking that they tragically fail to see what real women want or need.

Last night, as I often do when dealing with all things women and because of this pro-abortion putsch at the UN, I called my mom. I asked her what she wanted; she didn’t understand what I was asking, so I explained, as a woman, if someone came up to you and asked “What do you want?” what would you say? She responded, “With all these troubles in the world, you should come home already, and I wish they had fake sugar that tasted better.” That’s my mom.

Typical response from her, but it wasn’t enough. So I too went to social media, (FaceBook and Reddit) and raised this question:

Question to women: What do you want?

And then my phone blew up.

Hundreds of women responded – many friends and family members, but many strangers as well. Many responded publicly and just as many responded privately. It was, well, awe-inspiring. I could not have guessed what these women, some who are very close to me, were and are thinking and feeling. Some remarks made me laugh, several choked me up, and a few are still with me – will stay with me. The answers were so honest they hurt.

Chocolate was on the list, vacations, better job, and new clothing too. But the overwhelming sentiment from these extraordinarily real women was a desire for peace and health for loved ones and proximity to their families. The love of children, the love of spouses, the love of pets, the love of siblings, the love of freedom – were all articulated so beautifully.

There were also political wants, including my favorite ex-wife’s wish for a particular presidential candidate to drop out of the race. There were hopes for sports teams and tickets for country music concerts – but not one – not a single solitary mention of a want for Reproductive Rights.

The cynical, the twisted, the sarcastic, the caustic and crass will say, “Of course not, those women live where Reproductive Rights are a given.” Really? I just attended a side event at the United Nations where the American “War on Women” harangue was on full display. Which is it then, is there a war on women or not?

The inane will also miss the point – abortion or so-called “Reproductive Rights” is NEVER the go-to “want” of most real women.

Neither my question nor the responses were so precise or technical that they would cut the scientific mustard. Yet the answers were real and underscore an even more important point.

The women who responded to me are for the most part women who live in the developed world. But I believe that women in the developing world would want the same things – maybe not so much on the tickets to NASCAR. Women in the developing world want peace, they want potable water, and they want healthcare for their kids and a safe place to live.

The radicals here at the UN don’t (or won’t) appreciate that you can’t eat Reproductive Rights, nor will Reproductive Rights keep you warm, or keep your children healthy. These are nuances fundamentally lost on them; the vacuum in which they live does not permit for this reality. They also don’t understand that there is a difference between what they, 1st World women want, versus what women in the developing world need. Malnourished, anemic, sick women do not need abortion – they need real health care, nutrition and access to water.

Today, as they so often do, the pro-abortion forces will try to convince the United Nations that we’re wrong and that they’re right and that we need a global right to abortion.

So I ask that you please help us let the UN know what it is real women want.

Beginning at 10:30 AM, the aforementioned pro-abortion zealots have asked all those of like mind to use the hashtag #WhatWomenWant. They will insist that these mythical Reproductive Rights (abortion) are of primary importance. But we have an opportunity to educate the delegates to the countries of the world by using the same hashtag and telling them that what women want is peace, and health, and close family units. If you have the time today – we could so very much use your help and it would be greatly appreciated.

I would be remiss if I didn’t profusely thank the lovely, gracious, beautiful, generous, wonderful, awe-inspiring women who responded to my question. From the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU! I am a better man for knowing you.