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Clinton agrees that a baby “just hours before delivery still has no constitutional rights”

by | Apr 22, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

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Hillary Clinton (left), "The View" co-host Paula Faris (on the right). In the middle is co-host Joy Behar

Hillary Clinton (left), “The View” co-host Paula Faris (on the right). In the middle is co-host Joy Behar

Thanks go out to Gary Bauer, who heads the Campaign for Working Families, who posted this quotation today from Hillary Clinton which I had missed. The sentiments demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is pro-abortion from the top of her head to the soles of her feet.

You’ll remember NRL News Today has twice posted about Clinton’s astonishing (well, astonishing to those who’ve been snookered into believing she is a “moderate” on abortion) remarks last Sunday on Meet the Press .

The most important takeaway (although there were many worth pondering) was when she told moderator Chuck Todd “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.”

Bauer tells us that yesterday Paula Faris, a co-host for The View, actually asked Clinton a difficult question about abortion. Here is the exchange:

FARIS: I want to ask you about some comments that you made over the weekend on ‘Meet the Press. ‘ You said, ‘The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.’ My question is at what point does someone have constitutional rights, and are you saying that a child, on its due date, just hours before delivery still has no constitutional rights?

CLINTON: Under our law that is the case, Paula. I support Roe v. Wade because I think it is an important — an important statement about the importance of a woman making this most difficult decision with consultation by whom she chooses: her doctor, her faith, her family. And under the law and under certainly that decision, that is the way we structure it.”

Gary’s comment was spot-on: “Just to be clear, Hillary Clinton is saying that baby hours from being delivered could be aborted under Roe v. Wade, and she supports that. Hillary Clinton is pro-abortion until the moment of birth. Only a small percentage of voters, including women, would agree with that extreme position.”

It is no hyperbole nor a misreading nor a misrepresentation to say (as we have for decades) that there is no abortion Clinton would forbid, no time in fetal development after which she would say you can’t rip this kid to pieces.

But just so I’m clear, I am utterly astounded that the Hillary-loving The View would piggyback on Todd’s provocative question: “When, or if, does an unborn child have constitutional rights?”

Astounded, but grateful.

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