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Euthanasia “Treatment” for Suicide by Starvation

by | Apr 25, 2016

By Wesley J. Smith

ChoiceindyingbookWe are creating a culture of death where, in essence, suicidal people can coerce the medical system into providing euthanasia.

Here’s what I mean. If a despairing person does not qualify to be killed under a legalized euthanasia/assisted suicide law, they simply harm themselves to become eligible for killing. Then, a doctor finishes the job of death.

That has now happened in Quebec. A disabled man starved himself into debilitation, and then a doctor provided a lethal injection. From the CBC story:

A 61-year-old Sherbrooke, Que., man ended his life legally last week. But Jean Brault got a doctor’s help to die only after starving himself for 53 days and refusing water for eight days — at last arriving at a point so close to death he satisfied his doctors that he’d met all the criteria under Quebec’s assisted-dying law.

Suicide prevention? Treatment for despair? A doctor not “completing” a suicide? What the hell are you talking about, Wesley? Being made dead is now the ultimate civil right.

Editor’s note. This appeared on Wesley’s great blog.

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