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Letter to the Canadian Minister of Justice on new euthanasia/assisted suicide proposal

by | Apr 18, 2016

By Jean Echlin RN, MScN, President – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

jean echlin29As a nurse consultant for 36 years in palliative care & gerontology I believe that hospice palliative care for every Canadian must be the priority.

How dare we ask our doctors and nurses to put patients to death when a safer option exists. Healthcare providers must never assume the role of killers or refer to another who will provide the “death management.” Trust and legal issues will make more problems for our sick and elderly.

Abuse of the elderly and “copycat” suicides will increase. If economics are driving this movement and if we are honest cost-savings will be an outcome, we are a society bereft of moral and ethical values.

Just study the statistics from the Netherlands, especially Belgium and you will understand the fatal results of this death promotion. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that in 2013, more than 1,000 deaths were hastened without explicit request and more than 2,800 died by euthanasia in Belgium. Does that promote a feeling of safety and security when we require acute or chronic care? Certainly many will fear institutional admission when the future reveals the magnitude of the coming “death tsunami.”

I fear that the “true north strong and free” is no longer a democracy if those who help us get cures and stay well are also denied their conscience rights. Please think how you would feel if society (government) stripped you of your rights and freedoms under our Canadian Charter? Would you quietly acquiesce or demand fair treatment under your Charter Rights?

Please consider these thoughts.

Thank you
Jean Echlin

Editor’s note. This appeared at Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and is reprinted with permission.

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