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MCFL convention goers agree an annual conference is best way for local pro-lifers to renew their commitment to the cause

by | Apr 13, 2016

Anne Fox, MCFL president, opens the convention

Anne Fox, MCFL president, opens the convention

Massachusetts Citizens for Life (MCFL) held its annual conference on Saturday, April 2, bringing together pro-life advocates from across the Commonwealth and from neighboring states to become more effective pro-lifers by being more educated pro-lifers.

The day began with the New England premiere screening of a new documentary called “Hush,” a film created by a pro-choice director and pro-life producer who explored the wall of silence imposed on any discussion of the harmful effects of abortion on women, including psychological trauma, physical injury, and breast cancer risks. The film includes first-person interviews with many well-known voices in the scientific community as well as avowed pro-life and pro-choice advocates.

All of the conclusions are based on real data and testimony and all of the research and studies are listed in the credits for anyone to check. While the director remained pro-choice as the documentary concludes, she has had her eyes opened to the extreme denial by the abortion industry and its forced silence.

Sarah Mary Toce discusses pro-life education among youth.

Sarah Mary Toce discusses pro-life education among youth.

The first speaker of the day hailed all the way from Louisiana, although she’s currently studying for a graduate degree at Boston College. Sarah Mary Toce is the director of the New England Life and Leadership Initiative. She explained, in her charming New Orleans accent, the pro-life youth education programs that she pioneered in Louisiana and has begun to offer in New England. She offers 5-day, one-day, half-day and even one-hour programs for students in both public and private middle and high schools, educating them on the basics of the pro-life movement.

Dr. Mark Rollo then took the attendees into more technical territory, explaining new protocols to help women reverse RU-486 chemical abortions, a technique which actually involves two drugs. Massive dosages of progesterone are given after the first drug (mifepristone) is taken but before the second drug (misoprostol). In many cases, this appears to have been able to counteract the mifepristone and the baby has been saved.

Linda Thayer, educational director for MCFL, updated us on the connection between abortion and sex education in Massachusetts public schools, while Helen Cross highlighted the significance for Massachusetts of the current Texas law on abortion clinic regulations (HB 2) before the Supreme Court.

After lunch, MCFL’s new director of community engagement, Dom Bettinelli, outlined how MCFL will begin to use new methods and tools, especially through social media, to reach more of the Massachusetts pro-lifers that MCFL doesn’t yet reach.

Isabelle Germino, winner of the 2016 Dr. Jefferson Oratory Contest

Isabelle Germino, winner of the 2016 Dr. Jefferson Oratory Contest

Isabelle Germino, a local teen, then received a standing ovation from the audience after her teen oratory contest winning essay on the problem of assisted suicide. Anne Fox, president of MCFL, said it’s been some years since Massachusetts has had a winner in the national youth oratory competition, but with Isabelle’s speech, this may be the year.

The day wrapped up with three compelling talks. Catherine Adair, who will speak at the NRLC national convention this summer, recounted her story of having an abortion as a young woman and then after college going to work at an abortion clinic and seeing what really goes on behind closed doors. In chilling detail, Catherine talked about the often callous and dehumanizing way that women and their children are treated in abortion clinics and what it does to the employees who work there.

Sandra Kucharski, MSC, RN, took what could have been a very technical topic and broke it down into an understandable narrative by illustrating what the Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (MOLST, sometimes known as POLST) actually means.

Finally, Kathy Hill summed up part of why pro-lifers do what they do: Save babies and their mothers from the horrors of abortion. After sharing her own experience with abortion, Kathy spoke on the incredible work being done by Silent No More to care for post-abortive women, those people in their lives who helped them procure an abortion, and the fathers and other family of those aborted children.

After a full day of compelling personal stories and strong educational content, most attendees were in agreement that the annual MCFL convention is the best way for local pro-lifers to renew their commitment to the cause, while re-arming themselves for whatever their grassroots advocacy may bring.

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