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Mims’ bill to ban dismemberment abortions in Mississippi goes to the governor

by | Apr 5, 2016

Editor’s note. The following encouraging news comes from Rep. Mims. When the governor signs HB 519, Mississippi will join three other states–Kansas, Oklahoma, and West Virginia–in having passed a ban on dismemberment abortions.

Mississippi State House Rep. Sam Mims (R)

Mississippi State House Rep. Sam Mims (R)

Today, the Mississippi House concurred on an amendment from the Mississippi State Senate and approved House Bill 519, sponsored by Representative Sam C. Mims (R-McComb). The bill bans dismemberment abortions and was approved by the House of Representatives in February. It now goes to the governor.

A dismemberment abortion, which is performed on a fully-formed, living unborn baby, is a barbaric and dangerous procedure in which the unborn child is literally ripped apart in the womb and removed in pieces.

“I have made my strong opposition to abortion perfectly clear for many years,” Mims said, “but a dismemberment abortion has to be one of the most horrific procedures imaginable. I’m pleased to introduce and support this type of legislation, and I look forward to its becoming an important law in the State of Mississippi.”

Mississippi Right to Life President and National Right to Life Board Member Barbara Whitehead commended Representative Mims for his long-standing commitment to protecting unborn children in Mississippi and his authorship of this legislation.

“We appreciate the great work that Rep. Mims is doing in the legislature to enact this strong pro-life legislation,” she concluded “and it would not be possible without his dedication and leadership.”

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