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Minnesota House, Senate to vote on pro-life measures

by | Apr 26, 2016

Contact your lawmakers today!

Editor’s note. This alert was provided by MCCL–Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life–NRLC’s state affiliate.

Dear Pro-Life Friends,

Minnesota State Rep. Debra Kiel

Minnesota State Rep. Debra Kiel

MCCL-backed legislation is nearing final action by the Legislature after receiving approval by multiple committees in the House of Representatives. On Thursday, two crucial pro-life measures are expected to receive floor votes in the House and Senate as amendments to larger bills.

Licensing and inspection of abortion facilities: H.F. 606 / S.F. 616, authored by Rep. Debra Kiel, R-Crookston, and Sen. Michelle Fischbach, R-Paynesville, would require abortion facilities performing 10 or more abortions per month to be licensed by the state and would also permit inspections by the Minnesota Department of Health. Abortion facilities so far have been exempted from state licensure of outpatient surgical centers.

Minnesota State Sen. Michelle Fischbach

Minnesota State Sen. Michelle Fischbach

Ban on taxpayer funded abortions: H.F. 607 / S.F. 683, authored by Rep. Tama Theis, R-St. Cloud, and Sen. Lyle Koenen, D-Clara City, would prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion. Minnesota taxpayers paid $953,000 to the abortion industry for 3,957 abortions in 2014 — a record-breaking 39% of all abortions performed in the state that year.

You can support passage of these protective measures by contacting your state senator and representative and urging them to vote in favor of these amendments to the HHS omnibus bills in the House and Senate. Find your legislators’ contact information and send an email message or call their offices.

Lawmakers are most likely to vote on these protective measures on Thursday, Apr. 28, but votes could occur sooner. Contact your elected officials today and help make this a lifesaving session!

As always, thank you for all that you do to protect unborn children and their mothers, and all that you do for MCCL.

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