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Planned Parenthood attacks Ted Cruz for earning the support of NRLC

by | Apr 14, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Sen. Ted Cruz, with Lynda Bell, Chairwoman of the NRLC Board of Directors

Sen. Ted Cruz, with Lynda Bell, Chairwoman of the NRLC Board of Directors

Just as we keep close track of the Planned Parenthoods, the NARALs, and the EMILY Lists, our benighted opposition keeps itself up to date about what National Right to Life does. And understandably so.

It’s an election year and NRL’s Political Action Committee and Victory Fund are the preeminent forces that makes the difference in close elections, year in and year out. Our Federal Legislation Department is second to none. Our annual convention (don’t forget to register) is the educational event of the year.

I could go on and on but you get the point. They know who their primary opposition is: National Right to Life.

So I was surprised that it took until today for Planned Parenthood to tweet about NRL’s support for Sen. Ted Cruz.

It was almost two weeks ago–on April 2–that the NRLC Board of Directors made the decision to support Sen. Cruz in the forthcoming Republican presidential primaries, which began the following Tuesday in Wisconsin.

Note that Cruz won 36 of Wisconsin’s 42 presidential delegates, running an overwhelming 13 points ahead of Donald Trump.

There are two interesting points about the Planned Parenthood tweet, which went out under PPact, presumably Planned Parenthood Action Fund, one of its political arms. In reverse order…

First, the statement (referring to Cruz) “He’s got a 100% rating.” That means Sen. Cruz has a 100% pro-life record with National Right to Life. Well…yes. He is rock-solid on abortion. That’s a warning to PPFA supporters, reassurance to tens of millions of pro-lifers.

Second, “The National Right to Life — whose priority is to ban abortion at 20 weeks…” Interesting choice of words. This is an allusion to the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which passed the House of Representatives but which pro-abortionists managed to stall in the Senate.

The usual tact for PPFA and kindred organizations is to insist that pro-lifers want to “ban all abortions.” Fascinating, is it not, that in taking a shot at Sen. Cruz and NRLC, Planned Parenthood would choose to even mention, let alone talk specifically about, abortions that take place at a juncture where the unborn child is capable of experiencing unbelievable pain as she is torn to pieces?

The Abortion Industry has offered up every trick in its considerable book of misdirection but none can explain away a central truth: polling opinion polls show overwhelming support for such legislation by a roughly 2-1 margin.

The public clearly does not want pain-capable children aborted.

For more about Sen. Cruz and NRLC, see “Clinton/Sanders debate ahead of New York Primary, Cruz speaks favorably of Marco Rubio as potential vice president.”

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