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Planned Parenthood generates huge increase in taxpayer funded abortions in Minnesota

by | Apr 7, 2016

Editor’s note. We previously reposted a story from Minnesota Citizen’s Concerned for Life (MCCL) about the huge increase in taxpayer-funded abortions. Below is a follow up from MCCL with further details.

We received disappointing news this week: Taxpayer funded abortions jumped more than 16 percent to a total of 3,957 in 2014, costing taxpayers $953,187 (Minnesota Department of Human Services latest figures).

And guess which abortionist was responsible for virtually all of the increase? Planned Parenthood—no surprise.

Abortion numbers have been trending down as more women in the state turn away from abortion. Since 2007, abortion numbers have decreased every year but one. Likewise, in only two of those years has the number of taxpayer funded abortions increased. But 2014 saw a bigger spike than has occurred since 2000.

Just as the trend-breaking increase in total abortions in 2014 was almost entirely due to Planned Parenthood, so was the jump in taxpayer funded abortions. Planned Parenthood managed to increase its total abortions by 620 in 2014; of that increase, 514—83 percent—were taxpayer funded.

What does this tell us? Planned Parenthood is relying on taxpayer funded abortions to boost its bottom line. Planned Parenthood is building its business on the backs of poor women.

Taxpayer funded abortions have become the tool with which the abortion industry exploits vulnerable low-income women in order to enrich its coffers.

MCCL is lobbying in support of legislation to end taxpayer funded abortions. S.F. 683 and H.F. 607 would end forced funding by taxpayers of the abortion industry, its mistreatment of poor women and its killing of unborn children.

Help us save lives and protect women! Please urge your state senator and representative to support this legislation. Information about how you can contact legislators is available at

How to communicate with your lawmakers is found at

As always, thank you for all that you do to protect unborn children, and all that you do for MCCL.

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