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Planned Parenthood Rally is an Ugly Reminder of the Hate Directed at Vulnerable Unborn Children

by | Apr 12, 2016

By Mike Fichter, CEO, Indiana Right to Life

Editor’s note. Last Friday Planned Parenthood of Indiana held a boisterous rally at the state capital in Indianapolis, objecting to HEA 1337, Dignity for the Unborn law. The following begins with Mr. Fichter’s response.

BabynDad1Planned Parenthood’s abortion rally is an ugly reminder of the hate directed at unborn children who are vulnerable for abortion because of their race, gender or potential disability. It’s hard to comprehend the vile attitude of the pro-abortion crowd. The attitude that some lives have more value than others has led to upwards of 90 percent of children with Down syndrome to be aborted. The truth is, no child is an unwanted child.

Planned Parenthood is rallying today because it believes in abortion on-demand through all nine months of pregnancy. This idea is simply radical to Hoosiers. Planned Parenthood should at least be honest enough to admit it has a vested financial interest in keeping abortion unregulated as evidenced by the $2 million in revenue it makes from abortions each year in Indiana alone.

The media’s wall-to-wall coverage of today’s pro-abortion rally plays into Planned Parenthood’s hand. The abortion giant wants media outlets to ignore the majority of Hoosiers who believe abortions targeting the vulnerable are racist, sexist and discriminatory. Just last night nearly one thousand pro-life citizens gathered in Lake County and later this month thousands will attend the nation’s largest pro-life banquet in Evansville, Ind. The full weight of Indiana’s pro-life community is felt every year at the polls and that will be the case again this election.

HEA 1337, the dignity for the unborn bill, was signed into law by Gov. Mike Pence on March 24. It deals with various measures related to abortion, including putting into law Hoosiers’ longstanding values that babies shouldn’t be aborted because of disability, gender or race.

In addition, it provides perinatal hospice information to parents who receive a negative prenatal diagnosis. It imposes respectful disposal methods of aborted fetal remains so that baby body parts aren’t comingled with gall bladders and treated as medical waste. It prohibits the transportation of an aborted baby into or out of Indiana except for the purpose of final disposition. It also increases informed consent for women by prohibiting group counseling before an abortion so that the woman has an opportunity to discuss the upcoming abortion procedure in private.

Hoosiers have been actively thanking Gov. Pence for signing the bill. In addition to letters and calls directed to his office, Indiana Right to Life has been hosting an online “thank you” petition. More than 800 names have been submitted to the petition and Indiana Right to Life expects to send more than 1,000 names to the Governor’s Office next week.

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