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Planned Parenthood running scared

by | Apr 20, 2016

ThinkPPPlanned Parenthood’s rhetoric would be a farce if it wasn’t so tragic.

We must have really gotten under Planned Parenthood’s skin, because last week they sent an unprompted tweet attacking National Right to Life for advocating laws that protect the lives of unborn babies by banning abortions.

What caused this outburst? Our success in passing laws in more states this year. Like our model law to ban elective abortions at a stage by which medical evidence indicates an unborn baby is capable of feeling pain. And the law that bans brutal dismemberment abortions, in which babies are torn to pieces and bleed to death.

These laws are very popular. Polls show strong majorities of Americans want to protect these babies from the barbarism of Planned Parenthood and other abortionists.

That growing pro-life sentiment in America scares the daylights out of Planned Parenthood! So they attack us.

But we have to fight their brutality with one hand tied behind our backs.

Planned Parenthood is a billion-dollar-a-year powerhouse, funded in part with money they earn from abortions and from your tax dollars. Every day, they lobby furiously to kill our life-saving bills.

National Right to Life doesn’t have outside revenue streams worth more than 100 million dollars like Planned Parenthood does from abortion. We have to rely on the support of pro-lifers like you and me to step up to defend the unborn against their abortion machine!

Please help us keep up the fight with a generous donation of $100 or more if you can. Or share a gift of $50, $35 or any amount to give unborn babies a fighting chance in this battle for their very lives.

So much depends on what we can do now, while legislatures around the country are still in session and we can save many more lives!

Thank you for anything you can do to defeat Planned Parenthood and save these innocent lives!

carol-tobias-sigpicgivebuttonFor their lives,

Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life President

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