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Prepare for yet another assault on Justice Clarence Thomas

by | Apr 12, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Matt Lauer and Kerry Washington

Matt Lauer and Kerry Washington

There I was last Friday, chugging away on the treadmill when, lo and behold, Today’s Matt Lauer began interviewing Kerry Washington on her upcoming performance in “Confirmation,” an HBO movie about the 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas.

Washington plays Anita Hill whose charges against Thomas came close to derailing his nomination. Thomas was narrowly confirmed, 52-48, but only because he refused to allow the charges of sexual harassment to go unrebutted.

A visibly angry and indignant Thomas famously talked of a “high-tech lynching.”

Why now? Why again recycle the unbelievably ugly attack on Thomas’ character?

I couldn’t believe my ears when Lauer offered one explanation. (Tip of the hat to Kyle Drennen, of Newsbusters, for the following transcription):

“Some of the people who were involved in the actual historical event are saying, ‘Wait a minute, this is an overdramatized version. It’s not how I remember it.’ Others are saying, this is political propaganda to support Anita Hill, and even support Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House.”

Washington was unapologetic: “That’s interesting. I mean, for me, I’ve always felt it’s important for me to not hold back on my political beliefs because of what I do for a living. I don’t think that I should have to be any less of an American because I’m an actor.”

Lauer followed up: “But were you trying to make a political statement in this?”Washington assured him: “No, no….you can see that this is a film about very complicated people during a very complicated time. And you are actually pulled in the direction of a lot of the characters.”

She dismissed the critics: “A lot of the backlash is actually coming from people who haven’t seen the film.”

Well, let’s think about this for a second. When a celebrity talks about refusing to be a second class citizen, that customarily means they want to vent their biases and then dare you to question their fairness until it is too late. “Confirmation” debuts this Saturday.

Washington, also a producer on the movie, met with Hill, and (according to Hill in other interviews) they hit it off swimmingly. Fair and balanced? Not likely.

In anticipation of the movie, the Washington Post ran a piece in which Roxanne Roberts quoted from various luminaries, some of whom were directly involved in the dramatic confirmation hearings, others who wrote about it.

One particularly ugly assessment(albeit typical, for him)was drawn from a piece written by author Garry Wills for the New York Review of Books. The gist of it was that Thomas gave up defending his legal philosophy. Thomas’ sin was having “staked everything on character” but refusing to get in the mud with the Judiciary Committee.

But the obvious rejoinder is, consider the impossible position Thomas had been unfairly placed in.

Thomas (then a judge on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals) had been nominated by President George H.W. Bush to replace Thurgood Marshall, an ultra-liberal, ultra-pro-abortion justice, on the Supreme Court. Marshall had been on the High Court for 24 years.

Pro-abortionists vowed, in the words of NOW member Flo Kennedy, “to bork him” (a reference to the assault on the late Judge Robert Bork, whose nomination to the High Court was defeated). “We need to kill him politically.”

That both men were African-American just made it more intolerable for the intolerant left.

Now Vice President, then Senate Judicial Chair Senator Joe Biden held off hearings until the fall, allowing time to mount an all-out campaign against the nomination. The issue, of course, was “reproductive rights.”

Thomas squeaked through the Judiciary Committee on a tie vote, and it looked like his confirmation was assured, perhaps with as many as 60 to 67 votes. The full Senate vote was scheduled for October 8.

Coincidentally, just days before, Anita Hill’s scurrilous allegations were leaked to the press.

Hill had testified behind closed door. I do not know if Hill actually believed she could make such scurrilous charges in private and never have to publically explain them, but that was never a possibility.

Thomas was going to be confirmed easily before the Hill allegations and now his confirmation teetered in the balance. Until and unless he defended himself, he was not going to sit on the High Court.

He did, brilliantly, and to this day his presence on the Supreme Court sticks in the craw of the Left in general, pro-abortionists in particular.

Which is why you know “Confirmation” will confirm every one of their talking points against Justice Thomas.

A side point, but an interesting one. Washington plays Olivia Pope in the television show “Scandal.” Washington’s character (at least last season) was having an affair with the President.

Referring to an episode that ran last November Katie Yoder explained

Scandal showed the main character, Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), aborting her baby to the accompaniment of the Christmas hymn “Silent Night.” In fact, the entire episode, “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” was a plug for abortion, including a recitation of Planned Parenthood talking points during a Wendy Davis-like filibuster. For its efforts, the show’s scenes have been lauded by lefty media – from the Huffington Post to Cosmopolitan and Bustle – as “groundbreaking” and “awesome.”

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