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“Untold:” the story of God’s miracles in the making

by | Apr 28, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Untold82reLike most pro-lifers I believe passionately in the power of communications that touch both the heart and the head. That is why every time a particularly powerful music video comes my way, I try to share it with our readers.

Yesterday we re-posted a story from Texas Right to Life about Matthew West’s song, “Untold.”  Having watched it twice, I decided to watch and listened to the song even more carefully. It became clear (to me at least) that we’d all benefit from another look at the video.

Why? Are the images in “Untold” video lovely? Unquestionably.

Is the music itself almost hauntingly beautiful? Two thumbs up for that!

Does the combined impact of the images, the music, and the lyrics make the song irresistible? Yes, and even more.

The importance of songs like “Untold” should never, ever be underestimated. We need to be reminded, as “Untold” does beautifully, that while so many lives are tragically lost to the abortion plague, there are hundreds of thousands of “little” victories that most times we will never know about.

The other day I was browsing through some old, old editions of NRL News when I ran across a 1980 quote from the late pro-life champion, Rep. Henry Hyde. The Supreme Court had just upheld the Hyde Amendment (by the narrowest of 5-4 margins). As you recall, the Hyde Amendment is an annual appropriations rider which eliminates public funding for abortion in almost all cases.

Hyde said,

What today’s decision really means is life for countless unborn children, just as surely as unrestricted abortion means death for them. So the true victors [unborn babies] don’t even know about the battle, much less the victory.

Likewise, in most instances, when the abortion-minded woman has a change of heart, often because of the kindness of a stranger–typically people like you–she may never see them again and they will never know that she chose life.

West’s song about an unexpected pregnancy reminds us both of the fear a woman will experience and the spiritual underpinnings of why many of us do what we do to help her and her baby get through this crisis. West begins

I am the news that nobody expected.
I was never a part of your plans.

Yes, and his/her mother is scared. The life she had envisioned for herself seems like it is “slipping through your trembling hands.” And the doctors tell her this “mistake” can be erased, can be made to “disappear.”

Why not make this problem “go away”? Why not “close the book” on that baby?

Because each and every child is a gift. Each and every child is sacred. Each and every child is like a “story untold.” Those first nine months are like the preface with the “best part” yet to come.

There is a stanza that makes perfect sense to pro-lifers but is unfathomable to the pro-abortion mind. To be fair, however, it is a difficult truth; pro-lifers know perfectly well that an unplanned pregnancy can be nothing less than traumatic.

That is why support and reassurance and a strong shoulder to lean on are so important.

Here’s the stanza:

I am God’s miracle in the making.
Proof that all things can work for the good.
I am fingers and toes,
And heaven already knows,
The name you’ll pick out to me, already belongs to me.

No one, least of all me, believes that the only reason you can and should oppose the injustice of abortion is because these are God’s children. We have an increasing number of pro-life atheists and agnostics who’ve reached the same conclusion traveling down a multiplicity of different paths. Opposition to the Slaughter of the Innocents is an intuition written on every heart.

But if your resistance is grounded in the knowledge that these little ones are a miracle (“Fearfully and wonderfully made”); and (as King David said in praise to the Lord)

For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother’s womb.

Then there is a level of moral obligation–and privilege–that we cannot shirk, or would want to.

That is why you and I cannot and will not give up until we breathe the last breath that God has ordained for us.

Thank you, Matthew West, for “Untold,” perhaps most of all for this reassurance:

When you look in my eyes,
You’ll understand why,
You’ll understand why,
Why You brought me to life

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