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What can we anticipate from “Abortion: Stories Women Tell”?

by | Apr 22, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

tribecafilmfestival4reOn Monday we reposted a very interesting story from Secular Pro-life titled, “What would a ‘non-political movie about abortion look like?

Well, thanks to the Los Angeles Times, we can another look at “Abortion: Stories Women Tell” by filmmaker Tracy Droz Tragos which premiered Monday at Tribeca Film Festival. Since I have not seen the film, produced by HBO films, I have to rely on the description provided by the Times’ Lisa Fung along with some observations Droz Tragos made that appeared recently in Elle magazine.

Speaking of Elle magazine, Droz Tragos gave an interview to Mattie Kahn for a story that appeared April 7. Kahn was clearly surprised by its contents–she said she assumed by the title the film would just be women who’d aborted and women who provide abortions . But “it includes the stories of women who oppose abortion, too.”

Droz Tragos responded

Women have so many different feelings [about abortion]. It’s very, very complicated. I knew from the onset that that was my interest—elevating the voices of women on both sides of the issue.

Furthermore, in response to another Kahn query about “pro-life women,” Droz Tragos said, “I met and spent time with, absolutely, yes. There was compassion. I don’t think these are unfeeling people. They’re not coming at this from an evil place.” (Just so you know, there are much harsher descriptions that follow.)

Droz Tragos interviewed “81 women, including politicians, abortion advocates and abortion opponents.” Fung wrote. So, is “Abortion: Stories Women Tell” going to be on the one hand this, on the other hand that film? Should we be looking for 41 advocates and 40 opponents?

No, of course not. It is unlikely times fifty that it will be even marginally balanced.” As Fung wrote straightforwardly, the 93-minute film is “clearly in favor of abortion rights.”

But to be honest, I am looking forward to seeing “Abortion: Stories Women Tell” for a couple of reasons. [1]

First, if there is even a smattering of articulate pro-life women that would be well above the usual quotient (zero) in most films that tackle abortion.

Second, after making the pitch that the “other side,” as it were, will have a voice in the film (if only a whisper), will we get the same kind of one-sided product from HBO that we just saw in “Confirmation,” a tiresome hatchet job on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas that aired April 16?

[1] The film, Fung noted, will air on a yet-to-be decided date on HBO. Likewise there is as yet no date yet for a theatrical release.

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