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509 unborn babies killed every day as abortions increase in England and Wales

by | May 17, 2016

In total, 185,824 abortions were performed on English & Welsh residents last year

Editor’s note. The analysis comes courtesy of SPUC–the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

AbortionstatsEngland1The latest abortion figures show that on average, 509 unborn babies were killed by abortion every single day in 2015 in England and Wales alone.

The figures released today by the Department of Health show that the overall number of abortions taking place in England and Wales in 2015 was 0.7% higher than in 2014.

In total, 185,824 abortions were performed on English & Welsh residents last year.

Disabled babies especially vulnerable

Additionally, the figures show a rise in repeat abortions and abortions carried out on the grounds of disability.

38% of abortions were repeat abortions, performed on women who had had at least one abortion previously.

There were 3,213 abortions for disability– a 3.7% increase on 2014.

sadwoman270Abortion funding

30% of abortions were performed in NHS [National Health Service] hospitals, but more than two-thirds were sub-contracted to external clinics, run by abortion chains like BPAS and Marie Stopes.

This figure has risen dramatically over the last 20 years and represents one of the key growth strategies of the abortion industry.

In total, nearly all abortions (98%) were funded by taxpayers.

“Although the abortion industry would like us to get used to these figures, I think people not invested in it will be appalled that over 180,000 unborn children were taken from us last year, the vast majority for social reasons,” commented bioethicist Anthony McCarthy. “This has nothing to do with medicine and everything to do with business models which betray women and their unborn children.”

Key facts and figures

  • 185,824 abortions performed on English & Welsh residents in 2015 — That’s a 0.7% increase on 2014 (184,571)
  • 3,213 abortions for disability — That’s a 3.7% increase on 2014
  • 38% of abortions were repeat abortions
  • 68% of abortions were performed in ‘independent clinics’ paid for by the NHS
  • 98% of abortions were taxpayer-funded
  • The abortion rate was highest for 21 year old women