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A “comedic” attempt to explain to kids how they could have been aborted

by | May 24, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

thedetour5Last week we reposted a great analysis of a TBS comedy “The Detour” by Katie Yoder. There were so many ironies on display, it’s both useful to take a second look and difficult to know where to begin.

“The Detour ” is the brainchild of Samantha Bee and Jason Jones. You’d be hard pressed to find a more militant (or foul-mouthed) pro-abortionist than Ms. Bee. (See, for example, here and here.)

I have not seen the program, recently renewed for a second season which is about a family of four on a road trip across the country, or the particular episode (“The Road”). But I did see the relevant clips.

Yoder explains that the story begins

with a flashback where Robin (Natalie Zea) held a positive pregnancy test while sitting on the toilet.

“We don’t have to decide right now,” she calmed Nate (Jason Jones). “We’ll weigh the options and I will make the decision.”

Nate, by the way, nods affirmatively–it is her (not their collective) decision.

A second flashback shows Nate and Robin watching an ultrasound on a screen that reveals she is carrying twins. Yoder writes

Nate and Robin argue back and forth about whether or not to go through with the pregnancy.

The show flashes forward to present time and the faces of their daughter Delilah (Ashley Gerasimovich) and son Jared (Liam Carroll) are superimposed over an ultrasound.

“I’m really confused right now. You were pregnant. So what was there to decide?” Delilah asks.

“I had to make a choice.”

“Whether you were going to have a boy or girl?” Delilah asks. “What color hair I was going to have?” Jared chimes in.

“I had to make a choice, uh… about whether or not I was gonna keep you?”

“You were thinking about giving us up for adoption? ”

“No, not exactly.”

“Well, who was gonna be our mom and dad?”

Robin looks at Nate and he shrugs; you brought it up.

The way “out” for Robin is to try to find a euphemism for abortion.

“I had to, uh, make a choice about whether or not I wanted to take a-a trip to the… um, Europe.”

And then the oblique justification:

“See, the – they’re a lot of women, who, um, find themselves in a position where they feel like they have to choose between being a mom and going to Europe, and – and it’s a – it’s a very, very serious decision and one that should never be taken lightly. And make no mistake, every woman deserves the right to choose… Europe, if she so desires.”

Without acknowledging what she’d almost done, Robin says with heartfelt emotion, “But just know this. Every time I look at you, I am so thankful that I decided to stay in Syracuse.”

The action switches back to present day in the car.Nate tells the kids your mom gave up a trip to Europe and he gave up a hockey career “and we both made the right choice.”

So, Jared asks, did she ever “go to Europe”?

“Just once,” Robin says. “Last year of high school.”

Nate looks at her quizzically and, perhaps, painfully?

“Is that too much truth?” Robin says.

So Ms. Bee has it both ways in “The Road.” The story affirms that not only could Robin have had an abortion, she did. But we do not learn this until after she sincerely tells Delilah and Jared that she is so, so grateful she didn’t abort them–take a trip to Europe– as she had her first baby.

The episode does a truly exquisite job of showing just how impossible it is to tell children they could have been aborted. (When Cecile Richards finally acknowledged she’d had an abortion, she told interviewers her kids were just fine with learning that. Personally, I don’t believe that for a nanosecond.)

And while the story line does allow Bee to advance her “pro-choice,” ideology, it also leaves another possibility: that Robin could and would have loved that lost baby.

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