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Bolivia: Ministry of Justice partnering with Ipas for training on abortion

by | May 4, 2016

Editor’s note. This comes from the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues.

Bolivia President Evo Morales

Bolivia President Evo Morales

The Ministry of Justice in Bolivia is partnering with pro-abortion U.S. NGO [Non-Governmental Organization] Ipas in a new initiative to increase access to legal abortion. Ipas has been training police and now will train judicial and policy personnel “on the legal provisions for abortion and guidelines for handling cases in which women seek abortion care.”

Abortion is legal in cases of rape, incest and risk to a woman’s life or health. A 2014 court ruling eliminated the need for judicial authorization for abortion and Ipas claims that “Personnel in the police, judicial and health sectors are not informed about the 2014 court ruling which guarantees women the right to an abortion,” which seeks to correct through training.

President Morales presented Ipas’ newly released “Guidelines for the Care of Victims of Sexual Violence” at an event last month. The guidelines “explain the legal obligations of institutions involved with sexual violence cases-specifically rape, statutory rape and incest-to guarantee victims’ right to sexual and reproductive health care, including the right to choose emergency contraception or safe, legal abortion.”

Ipas announced that it also plans to train staff within the Ministry of Health, the legal and justice systems, the national police force, and the national program for victim assistance, as well as indigenous authorities and legal defenders of children and adolescents.

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