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Father wants to force daughter to have an abortion

by | May 13, 2016

By Sarah Terzo

picchina7bOne young woman at an abortion counseling center:

“I want to have my baby, but my father says he’ll kill me if I do. He’s out there in the waiting room now, and he’s telling the counselors that they should force me to have an abortion. It’s my baby and no one can tell me what to do. I don’t care what anybody says. I’m going to have my baby.”

Myron K Denney, M.D., “A Matter of Choice: An Essential Guide to Every Aspect of Abortion” (New York: Simon & Schuster Inc., 1983), p. 30

This shows the incredible pressure on some young women to have abortions.

Editor’s note. Sarah Terzo is a pro-life author and creator of the website where this appeared. She is a member of Secular Pro-Life and PLAGAL.

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