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Mom in her 39th week captures baby’s “rolling in her womb”

by | May 3, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

unnamedAs it turns out, this video has been on the Internet since last October. But that doesn’t make viewing it any the less stunning.

Tip of the hat to the British publication, The Daily Mail for alerting readers to what it describes as “A 39-weeks-pregnant woman [who]has captured her baby rolling in her womb; The video shows the baby start to wriggle around before flipping over.”

It’s easy to exaggerate, I suppose, but in this case the use of the term “amazing” is utterly justified.

If you watch–and you don’t even have to watch closely–you can see the baby’s movements as he/she pushes up against their mother’s stomach. Here’s how reporter Laura House describes what she saw and heard on the video:

“Ah, she’s starting,” the mother is heard saying, before the outlines of the baby’s arms and legs start to become visible.

The baby continues wriggle around before, incredibly, it decides to completely roll over.

The legs and feet of the baby become visible through the mother’s stomach as she pushes out towards the left and flips over.

Small wonder that as of this afternoon, the video has been watched 5,481,355 times!

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