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Move by Pregnancy Help Center angers local abortion clinic

by | May 2, 2016

A Hand of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center wants to move next door to A Preferred Women’s Health Center

By Dave Andrusko

handofhopepregnancycenter3What would “worry” an abortion clinic? Dirty instruments? Ill-informed women whom they speed-walk through the abortion “procedure”? Unannounced visits by state health officials? Requirements that when there is a botched abortion, the abortionist have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital?

No, to the first two, yes to the last two.

But, in some ways, the “worse” news may be that a crisis pregnancy center is about to locate near the abortion clinic. What a downer! Some panicky women may “get away.”

Such is the case with A Preferred Women’s Health Center, in Raleigh, North Carolina. According to the Raleigh News & Observer, A Hand of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center currently has space less than a mile away but wants to move its office into a house it recently bought.

But for them to move in, the city would have to rezone the land “to allow for commercial use,” according to reporter Paul A. Specht.

At the earliest, the City Council could review the request June 7. Prior to that, probably on May 10, the planning commission is expected to review the rezoning request and make a recommendation to the City Council.

The house is next door to the Preferred Women’s Health Center abortion clinic and they are hopping mad. Specht reports

“Abortion is not the right choice for everyone, but everyone has the right to make that choice. Hand of Hope has had a location directly across the street for years – this move is strictly an intimidation tactic,” clinic owner Lois Turner said in the statement.

“The outcome of this re-zoning proposal will not affect any individual’s personal beliefs. However, if granted, it will cause disruption and difficulties for not only our business, but for our neighbors as well,” Turner said

Tonya Baker Nelson is the founder and executive director of A Hand of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center. According to Specht, she issued a statement in which she wrote.

“Our greatest compliment is when the women we serve refer their friends to us. This includes women who actually do choose to end their pregnancy. …

“Hand of Hope eagerly anticipated occupying their recently acquired property beside A Preferred Women’s Health Center to educate men and women that parenting, parenting through adoption and abortion are their three choices,” she continued. “In almost eleven years of operation, Hand of Hope has yet to meet a single woman who did not regret her past abortion.”

Nelson also told the local CBS affiliate, WNCN-TV

“I don’t think it will cause any issues because I think one thing we can agree to pro-choice proponents and pro-life proponents, can agree on is that you do have a choice in your pregnancy. I think that’s some common ground we can agree to.”

Last week Nelson also informed west Raleigh residents week “that her organization won’t allow people to use their land next to the clinic for protesting.”

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