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Parents who were pressured to abort show their beautiful, healthy daughter

by | May 9, 2016

By Kristi Burton Brown



The parents of a seven month old girl, Olivia-Jax, are speaking out about her life on Facebook. While in her mother’s womb, Olivia-Jax was diagnosed with a number of medical problems. Her parents report they were pressured to abort her multiple times. And yet, here the smiley little girl is today – perfectly healthy.

The post reads:

“Hi, I’m Jax. Doctors tried to bully my parents into aborting me three times. They said my intestines were out of my body – my momma and daddy wouldnt let them. They said my legs and feet were deformed and not worth the mothers risk – my momma and daddy wouldnt let them. Then they said i had Trisomy 18 and wouldnt live outside of the womb – and my mommy and daddy wouldnt let them. Daddy said he didnt believe them- he said their evidence was pathetic -daddy said I was fine. My mommy agreed. And went against the will and advice of the top doctors of their field “high risk pregnancy”. I was born a month early – i’m in the 95+% for everything – my hands and feet are perfect – my tummy is just like it is supposed to be – i dont have an extra 18th chromosome- I’m almost 7 months old now because i was born a month early and – I’m fine. My name is Olivia-Jax not fetus not human tissue. I’m a little girl that my mommy and daddy didnt give up on – and I’m fine”

Parents continue to tell their own stories of being pressured to abort, often due to predicted disabilities. Often, when these parents choose life, their children are born healthy or far less disabled than the doctors predicted. Science has recently discovered the ability of babies in the womb to “self-correct” abnormalities, and yet few parents are informed of this fact.

Titus’ mother was told her son would practically be a “vegetable” if he was born, and her doctor offered to abort Titus at eight months. She rejected abortion, and Titus plays sports and goes to school – and is an utter delight to many – although he deals with spina bifida. His mother says, that despite the doctor’s incorrect prediction, Titus excels at life:

Every milestone, he has hit either before or right on. He is very intelligent and able. Titus doesn’t complain and fuss about why his legs don’t work or about anything else. He loves to do what little boys do. He knows his letters, numbers, and shapes—has known them since he was 2 ½. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gemma Rogers was informed that she should abort her son who turned out to be absolutely healthy:

At her 20-week scan, medics told the 24-year-old her baby would likely be born paralysed, incontinent and would have no quality of life.

She was urged to terminate the pregnancy, but was so desperate to be a mother she refused the procedure – and says it’s the best decision she has ever made.

But, Ciaran, now three, was born with no health problems and is developing like any other toddler.

Other parents who choose life in the face of a frightening diagnosis share how their choice was absolutely right, even when their children die shortly after birth or live with a disability.

While doctors and diagnoses can be wrong, the choice to lovingly give life to a child – despite pressure, bullying, and scary information – is always beautiful.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Live Action News and is reprinted with permission.

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