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Pregnant with baby girl, young mother stabbed to death

by | May 18, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Charreen Stanford

Charreen Stanford

It was not the “usual” sad tale, typically of a boyfriend angered that his pregnant girlfriend would not abort their child.

No, the culprit who allegedly murdered 18-year-old Charreen Stanford last Monday was another 18-year-old woman who lived in the same home in Cedar Hills, Oregon, Tan’nekqwa Thompson.

According to the Oregonian, Stanford had just learned last week that she was pregnant with a baby girl. Rebecca Woolington wrote

Due Oct. 10, the child was to be Stanford’s first, and all she thought about was getting ready for the baby’s arrival, said her stepfather, Joel Vance Jr. She worked, he said, while trying to finish up online classes for her GED.

“She wanted to take care of her daughter,” Vance said.

According to Woolington, court records allege Thompson knew Stanford was pregnant when she killed her.

Police Sgt. Bob Ray said Thompson allegedly stabbed Stanford five times, all on the right side, before fleeing. Police arrested Thompson a few blocks away from the house.

Police have no motive and Thompson has pled not guilty to a single count of murder.

According to reporter Woolington

Stanford was an outgoing young woman who loved to sing and do hair. Vance, visibly shaken, sat on the back bumper of a silver Ford Explorer — the car he said the family used to rush a wounded Stanford to the hospital. …

Vance said he was sitting at his dining room table Monday evening when he heard a small commotion, then he saw Stanford bound down the stairs.

“I’ve been stabbed,” she told Vance. “She tried to kill me.”

Vance said that was the last thing he heard his stepdaughter say before she passed out on the couch. At first, Vance said, he was confused. Then he saw the blood.

Vance scooped Stanford up, put her in the back of the family’s SUV and headed to the hospital. Her mother, he said, rode with her in the back. Vance said he could hear Stanford’s breathing grow heavy while he drove.

After arriving at St. Vincent’s, Stanford was moved to Oregon Health & Science University Hospital in Portland, where she died, according to Sgt. Ray.

Woolington reported that Stanford’s step-father is left with many unanswerable questions, including the main one: Why?

“Only God knows,” he said. “If my daughter had enough energy to tell me what happened, I would know.”

The story never explicitly tells us what we assume must be true since we read nothing to the contrary: the unborn baby girl died along with her mother.

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