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Pro-abortion “study” totally misrepresents what CPCs do, pretend results illustrate what “really” happens there

by | May 3, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

"All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center" refers for abortions, yet calls itself a "Pregnancy Resource Center"

“All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center” refers for abortions, yet calls itself a “Pregnancy Resource Center”

Last month , the pro-abortion-to-the-hilt site RH Reality Check changed its name to Rewire. We were told nothing had changed, except that they were better than ever.

Their “high-quality daily online publication” would “contribute to a free and just society by ensuring the exchange of information that is accurate, fair, and thorough,” Editor in Chief Jodi Jacobson assured her readers. Well… what’s the over/under on that?

A friend sent this to me this morning. Based on a study that appeared in the journal Contraception, Nicole Knight Shine wrote a story at under the headline, “Study: Pregnant People Seek Diapers, Not Abortion Counseling.”

The title of the study at Contraception is, “What women seek from a pregnancy resource center.”

From the abstract we learn that lo and behold, almost all of the women come to pregnancy resource centers/crisis pregnancy centers for free diapers and baby clothes. “Only 6% of clients discussed pregnancy options and only 2% discussed abortion during peer counseling.”

Wow, who’d thunk. Can this be true? Of course not.

Let’s start with the obvious: Cui bono? Who benefits? Start with the three researchers who wrote the study.

They call the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) home. As NRLC’s director of Education Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon once put it, “If Planned Parenthood is America’s abortion chain and the Guttmacher Institute its source of statistics, then UCSF has long been the nation’s abortion training academy.”

Not exactly a font of objectivity on “reproductive health” issues.

Here’s Knight Shine’s summary conclusion:

While acknowledging the limited scope of the research, [co-author Katrina] Kimport suggests the findings illuminate a possible mismatch between the resources sought by clients and the ostensible aim of crisis pregnancy centers.

Kimport noted that the work underscores that pregnant people are not making abortion decisions at these centers. Instead, as authors of the report indicate, pregnant people arrive at their decisions by conferring privately with family and friends.

The research comes as nearly half of states now funnel tax dollars to CPCs, often at the expense of community health care.

So, if there is a “mismatch,” and “nearly half of states now funnel tax dollars to CPCs, often at the expense of community health care,” what’s the logical conclusion? Don’t be wasting resources on those pregnancy help centers (PRCs). Anybody can hand out free diapers and baby clothes.

So, another arrow in the pro-abortion quiver to shoot at the abortion industry’s competition.

And, of course, we can generalize the results of the study which, as it happens, is of one pregnancy resource center, right?


So who is “All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center in Bloomington, Indiana.” According to Knight Shine

The center offers a variety of pregnancy-related services, including abortion referrals—the only pregnancy resource center in the state to do so, according to the study.

What? The specific agency studied is not a pro-life PRC at all! It makes abortion referrals, “the only pregnancy resource center in the state to do so”! (You would hope so!)

Is Planned Parenthood a PRC because some affiliate, somewhere handles an adoption or two besides the thousands of babies it kills?

My friend (who is much gentler than I am), wrote, “Thus, it is flawed to extrapolate from this one pro-abortion agency what the thousands of pro-life PRC’s and maternity homes provide.”

No, it is not merely “flawed.” It is deliberately misleading, patently dishonest, and thoroughly representative of the results first, evidence later (or never) style of pro-abortion “research.”

Genuine PRCs offer free diapers and baby clothes and layettes and lots of other items new moms need. But they don’t hand out Pampers with one hand and instructions to the local abortion clinic with the other.

Rewire? How about rewiring rewire with an emphasis on truth in advertising?

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