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ABC Swoons Over Abortion Activists After SCOTUS Ruling; ‘It’s a Party Right Here!’

by | Jun 27, 2016

By Curtis Houck

Editor’s note. This appears at Newsbusters.

proabortSupremeCourtreABC was the last of the “big three” networks to break in Monday morning with the Supreme Court’s ruling striking down a pro-life Texas law, but they didn’t hold back their approval as the assembled cast of smiling correspondents hailed the “fairly sweeping decision” and expressed glee at the “party right here” by abortion activists “lining up since 4:00 am. to witness this moment.”

Chief anchor and Clinton Foundation donor George Stephanopoulos broke in at 10:20 a.m. Eastern to announce “breaking news from the Supreme Court closing at its term with what could be the most important abortion case in 25 years” that “strikes down a state bill that seeks to place restrictions on abortion providers and facilities, a 5-3 decision, Justice Kennedy joining the Court’s liberals.”

Speaking from London, chief foreign correspondent and longtime Supreme Court reporter Terry Moran noted that Whole Woman’s Health vs. Hellerstedt was both “a big decision” and “[t]he biggest abortion decision in a quarter century.”

“Justice Stephen Breyer taking those laws one at a time saying that the public health interest that Texas claimed that they’re trying to protect women’s health wasn’t enough, that this simply prevented women from choosing constitutionally right — their constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy,” he added.

Going forward, Moran predicted “that the conservative effort in state after state to limit abortions through things like a woman must get a sonogram or a woman must have a conversation with a doctor about abortion before she chooses to have an abortion, that those are now under threat and the campaign to limit abortions through public health issues, that has been dealt a serious blow in this case.”

Stephanopoulos then tossed to Capitol Hill correspondent Mary Bruce at the Court and, as a faithful Clinton supporter, characterized the two sides as “[a]nti-abortion activists and pro-choice activists both joining — both on the steps this morning.”

Bruce began by declaring that “[t]his ruling underscores what is at stake in the presidential election” and touted a tweet from Hillary Clinton praising the far-left decision.

Bruce was smiling from ear to ear as she proclaimed [emphasis mine]:

Meanwhile, George, the consequence of this decision is being felt in all of the emotion here this morning. Abortion rights advocates are celebrating. It’s a party right here. Many of these people have been lining up since 4:00 am. to witness this moment in person. But George, for all the jubilation, there is also profound disappointment from supporters of this law who felt that this was necessary — these restrictions were necessary to protect women’s health. High emotions on both sides here at the Court this morning.

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