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Assisted Suicide Cause Gets Boost from Univision’s Jorge Ramos

by | Jun 2, 2016

By Edgard Portela

Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos

Univision’s Jorge Ramos showed his pro-assisted suicide colors during a recent interview with a terminally-ill cancer patient in Puerto Rico who is seeking to end his life on his own terms.

During Ramos’ interview with cancer patient Miguel Carrasquillo and his mother Nilsa Centeno, Ramos failed to ask any critical or challenging questions in relation to the pro-assisted suicide position. Both Carrasquillo and Centeno based their support for assisted suicide on their understanding that “life is yours” and “we should decide how to die.”

MIGUEL CARRASQUILLO, CANCER PATIENT: Why not do it? Why not do it, if your life is yours?

NILSA CENTENO, MIGUEL’S MOTHER: People don’t realize that death is the surest thing we all have. And that we have to decide how to die.

In addition to failing to ask the assisted suicide advocates any questions challenging their premises, Ramos also failed to mention that Carrasquillo’s case is being championed by Compassion and Choices, an organization aiming to get state lawmakers to institute euthanasia, conveniently renamed “assisted dying”, in more U.S. states and territories, like Puerto Rico.

In addition to religious-based reasons against assisted suicide, there are many people and organizations who articulate their opposition on other grounds, such as the widow of the late Senator Ted Kennedy [whose husband], like Miguel Carrasquillo, also suffered from terminal brain cancer. Victoria Reggie Kennedy wrote the following in 2012, when she opposed a “Death with Dignity” measure in Massachusetts. The measure was narrowly defeated:

I can’t help but feel we’re sending the message that they’re not even entitled to a chance. A chance to have more time with their loved ones. A chance to have more dinners and sing more songs. A chance for more kisses and more love. A chance to be surrounded by family or clergy or a doctor when the end does come. That seems cruel to me. And lonely. And sad.

The Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund has also weighed in saying that “assisted suicide is a deadly mix with our broken, profit-driven health care system” and that current safeguard standards in laws of states like Washington and Oregon are simply not enough to protect lives.

There’s also the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), which notes their opposition to euthanasia is based on how it “devalues the lives of people with disabilities and would create a double standard in our society.”

None of these pro-life perspectives were brought up by Jorge Ramos. As the issue continues to be debated, we can only hope that next time he covers the subject in a more honest and comprehensive way.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters.

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