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How low will Hillary Clinton Stoop?

by | Jun 16, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion Hillary Clinton

Pro-abortion Hillary Clinton

In this one instance you have to give NPR credit. The headline is, “Why Would The Pro-Clinton SuperPAC Target Conservative Christians?”

Sarah McCammon’s first sentence says it all: “You’d be forgiven for mistaking the beginning of this new ad running in several battleground states for a message from a conservative Christian group.”

You don’t have to read a single sentence further: Hillary Clinton is as devious as she is pro-abortion, so why would it surprise anyone that she’s is trying to make inroads in a community that is wildly unsupportive.

But we will proceed further, because this is not the first [see New ad shows how pro-abortion extremist Hillary Clinton will try to hide her true colors] nor the last time we will see Clinton’s campaign or supportive PACS (in this instance Priorities USA Action), running millions of dollars in misleading ads.

The ad is about “Grace,” whose spina bifida was diagnosed prenatally. McCammon’s writes

In the ad, her mother, Lauren Glaros, describes Grace as “a total blessing in our lives.” Her father, Chris Glaros, says “she brings out the goodness in each person.” In one photo, a cross rests alongside baby Grace’s bassinet.

You might ask, what does this have to do with the objectives of a pro-Hillary Clinton PAC? Here’s McCammon’s clumsy preliminary explanation:

There’s an emphasis by many conservative, anti-abortion circles on praising parents who choose to carry such pregnancies to term. People with disabilities are mentioned specifically in the mission statement of the National Right to Life, a leading anti-abortion-rights organization, as a group deserving of protection.

So, is it an expression of Clinton’s [non-existent] respect for life? Of course not. Grace’s parents have been recruited to take a shot at Donald Trump.  (Again, to McCammon’s credit, she notes, “The Glaros family, by the way, has some history of political activism for liberal-leaning causes.”)

“Grace” is part of $20 million media buy to hammer Trump between now and the Republican National Convention. It’s already running in television markets in Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa and New Hampshire, seven key states.

“Several of those states, including Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, and Colorado, have substantial conservative Christian populations,” McCammon writes.

The headline in our post in February was, “New ad shows how pro-abortion extremist Hillary Clinton will try to hide her true colors.” We could say exactly the same about Priorities USA Action’s ad on her behalf.

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