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Kudos to LEGOS for baby-in-the-womb minifigure

by | Jun 2, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

unbornlegoreI’m guessing many of our NRL News Today readers will have the same reaction I did to the life-affirming, babies-are-just-like-us announcement from LEGOS: will pro-abortionists go nuts just as they did when the Doritos ad ran at the last Super Bowl?

LEGOS announced on Monday that it had created a graphic that depicted a LEGO baby in the womb. If you go to the LEGO Facebook page, you read, “It’s a big day! The first ever LEGO baby minifigure says HEY! to the world, arriving with the LEGO City 60134 Fun in the Park set, tomorrow June 1st.” [For those of us not familiar with the minutiae of LEGOS, minifigures are miniature figurine toys that accessorize LEGO sets.)

As of this afternoon, there were 63,100 comments and 13,682 “shared.”

As you can see above, the graphic looks like a regular birth announcement coupled “with a ‘photo of the toy baby on an ultrasound screen,” as the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children described it. “The hazy gray ultrasound ‘photo’ shows the smiling ‘baby,’ its size and estimated date of birth.”

Melissa Conway, the spokeswoman for Texas Right to Life, told Independent Journal Review:

“LEGO’s introduction of the LEGO baby acknowledges that life, including preborn life, is literally and figuratively a growing industry. LEGOs, a widely-loved learning tool, used an ultrasound image to announce the new addition to the LEGO family.

“This campaign and expansion to the toy line is a fun way to acknowledge that life begins in Mom’s tummy and affirms that children can easily and undeniably grasp the importance of life, growth, and family.”

The Facebook responses are wonderful, each one better than the one before. Here are a couple of typical examples that were posted May 31:

Good timing LEGO! My wife and I just had an ultrasound of our first child today! AND June 1 is my birthday!

June 1st (tomorrow!) is our due date! Thanks Lego!

Maybe our very own ‘Minifigure’ will finally arrive today, Darryl!? If he does, this will have to be his first toy! X

I can’t say I made an exhaustive search, but I didn’t readily access any pro-abortion feminist gnashing her teeth. If they are able to hold their tongues, that would be far different than their grumpy, snarky response to the Doritos ad.

As you recall, Doritos chose the “ultrasound” ad to play during the Super Bowl. The 30-second ad was one of three finalists in the tenth (and final) year of Doritos’s “Crash the Super Bowl” campaign in which fans submit home-made commercials. It was so good that it finished third in the USA Today survey of all the commercials!

The ad was supposed to be–and was–a humorous take on a dad oblivious to his unborn child moving about on the ultrasound monitor until the baby tries to snatch the chip that the dad is extending in his/her direction.

But in its typical tone-deaf manner, NARAL went bonkers.

NARAL wrote about the “anti-choice tact of humanizing fetuses.” Thoroughly annoyed, NARAL grumpily added for good measure, “& sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight.”

NARAL was thoroughly lambasted for its clue-less, humor-less, over-the-top response. It just invited parody, the best of which you can watch here.

Well done, LEGOS.

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