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“Life on Mars” is a powerful new pro-life video

by | Jun 21, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

lifeonMarsreThere is no greater pleasure than to have people email me (as they routinely do) to ask if they can repost stories from National Right to Life News Today. That happened earlier today and, as is often the case, they returned the favor. In this case they sent a link to a pro-life music video, “Life on Mars.”

What I know about rap, Christian or otherwise, you could summarize in a nanosecond or two. But the lyrics to Je’kob’s just released music video are not only catchy and infectious, they are powerfully ironic.

Less than four minutes long, the video starts with the premise that scientists and, by extension, the rest of us, go gung-ho when there is the slightest evidence there may be, might have been, or could someday be “life” on the planet Mars. But what about recognizing the life of the unborn on earth?

Or, as Justin Sarachik wrote earlier today

The concept of the song touches on the paradox of science seeing bacteria on Mars as signs of life, but won’t acknowledge a baby in a womb as a living thing.

If you are like me, you might not necessarily be familiar with Je’kob. But he is a two-time Dove award winning artist/producer with some impressive work under his belt which I just watched and listened to for the first time today. (Winning a Dove award is a prestigious accomplishment in the field of Christian recording.)

Copyright being what it is, let me just mention a couple of the most meaningful stanzas in “Life on Mars.” He begins

Don’t let them find one organism, & got the nerve to call that life/

Yet they say that my baby’s not alive until it lives outside my wife


Life’s no accident, we’re all accounted for, down to every hair on your head/

That goes for the baby that we lost, for the babies that they tossed/

In a culture of death from the east to the west.

Je’Kob’s poses the life-and-death question

Why are we looking for life on Mars

When don’t respect life on our Planet Earth, Planet Earth, Planet Earth

Please take a few minutes and watch/listen to “Life on Mars.”

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