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Rubio to continue fighting for the unborn in the Senate

by | Jun 27, 2016

victoryfundAn unborn baby has a better chance of surviving when we have a pro-life Congress.

From the standpoint of the baby, that’s the bottom line.

Last week, our chances of holding onto pro-life control of the U.S. Senate increased, when pro-life champion Sen. Marco Rubio announced he will run again for his seat representing the people of Florida.

Polls showed other potential candidates for the seat in a toss-up race with the potential pro-abortion Democratic candidates. But Rubio leads the field in polls.

But it’s a small lead and pro-abortion political committees are pledged to throw millions of dollars – many times what we can afford to spend – to try to defeat Rubio and enough other pro-life incumbents to take back the Senate.

They reminisce about the days when Harry Reid ran the Senate as his own fiefdom and stonewalled any meaningful pro-life policies, and they dream about the potential new Senate majority leader waiting in the wings – pro-abortion extremist Chuck Schumer – doing more of the same if the Democrats gain control.

In 2014, we were outspent many times over by pro-abortion PACs, but we still won enough seats to wrest control of the Senate from Reid and his pro-abortion supporters. But 2016 is a tougher year. We have to defend many more pro-life Senate seats.

So we desperately need your help now and throughout the year to elect senators and representatives who will stand for the unborn, not vote to have them killed.

Unborn babies have no voice of their own – they need us to speak for them. The National Right to Life Victory Fund uses proven methods of identifying and getting out the pro-life vote to win the close races that will determine whether pro-life or pro-abortion senators run Congress.

And for the sake of the babies, it must be pro-lifers!

Please help by sharing the most generous gift you can with the National Right to Life Victory Fund. A donation of $100 or $50 will help us reach thousands of voters in key states and districts – and help give a voice to the unborn that they so need to have!

Thank you for anything you can do!

Carol Tobias, President

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