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Baby aborted late in pregnancy allegedly breathed before dying, court in Turkish Cypriot told

by | Jul 18, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Turkishabortions3Turkish newspapers are reporting that criminal charges have been filed against six personnel at a hospital in Turkish Cyprus allegedly for illegally performing abortions on babies who “had developed beyond five months old, including at least one full-term fetus,” and then secretly burying them.

Included are the “hospital’s owners, head physician, a doctor, an obstetrician, and a nurse,” according to Turkish Weekly. The babies’ remains were initially found in February buried in a field in Kyrenia.

According to, at a hearing last Monday,

Turkish Cypriot police officer Namik Kemal Baz said that upon his arrest, Dr Fahri Karagozlu told him that one of the ‘older foetuses’ may have been breathing before it died.

The officer went on to say that the doctor charged his tune when quizzed again at the police station, this time claiming that didn’t remember.

Police claim that another witness told that the foetus in question was 34 weeks and female.

Later in the week officer Baz testified that included in Dr. Karagozlu’s voluntary statement was his claim that many of the patients didn’t want their names on the records and that he “alleged that he did not know he was legally bound to inform the health office with regards to terminations over the 10 weeks,” according to reporter Funda Gumush:

However, a witness who worked at the hospital told the court on Wednesday that she had seen one of the nurses come out of the operating room crying. When she asked her what was wrong, the nurse allegedly told her that the baby had been breathing and was a girl. The witness recounted that pregnant women would come to the hospital and leave “not looking pregnant” any longer and without their babies. …

Baz informed the bench on the ongoing investigation which took place between February and March this year, before then submitting more evidence to the court.

According to another less-than-totally-clear newspaper account, the secretary of the hospital testified that after that late-term abortion, they “then left the hospital with a black plastic bag in their hands,” presumably a reference to hospital personnel.

The babies who were aborted were allegedly over ten–weeks–old – the legal limit for abortions, according to Gumush.

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