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National Right to Life Pro-Life Essay Winners, 2016

by | Jul 20, 2016

Editor’s note. The following winning essays were written for the National Right to Life Pro-Life Essay Contest. At the senior level, grades 10–12, Maranatha C. Cobb (Minnesota) took first place, Elyssa M. Warren (Indiana) won second, and Caroline Smith (Indiana) won third.

At the junior level, grades 7–9, Zachary Bruna (Kansas) won first, Sarah Payton Crosby (Washington) won second, and Juliana Bassetta (New York) won third.

quillandpaperreThe Right to Truth

By Maranatha C. Cobb, Grade 10

Seventeen years ago, I was conceived. I was perfect, one cell floating in a sea of amniotic fluid. All my characteristics were written in my genes – my height (tall), eye color (brown), sex (female). I only needed time. And time I received. By eleven weeks, all my organs functioned. My feet were perfectly shaped, all the little toes intact – yet I was only a few inches tall.

So I grew, and at nine months and a week, by mother held me in her arms.

Another baby was conceived too, just about then. She too was perfect, her every potential etched on strands of DNA. She also grew and developed. But then her life was sucked down a hose and ended. She might have been a singer, a teacher, or a senator.

She might have been a sunbeam, brightening every life she touched. We’ll never know, because her life disappeared forever, and with her went her contributions to the world.

Why does our culture murder its children? Some tout family planning, others discomfort. Others say the babies would be neglected, that such a life is better left unlived. The baby is not a person, they claim, only tissue to be discarded at will.

So we educate, showing new and ancient proofs that the baby is indeed fully human and fully alive. We elect congressmen who will pass laws restricting abortion. When the world knows it’s murder, the horrors will cease.

Or will they? According to the article, “A New Ethic for Medicine and Society,” abortionists know that they are killing a human, yet they do it anyway. Why shouldn’t they? Most don’t believe in any higher power. To t hem there is no truth. Therefore a human’s value is only relative, not absolute. The only reason they claim a baby is not human is because Americans, while starting to accept their “new” ethic, still hold to the Judeo-Christian knowledge of right and wrong.

This is not just about abortion. If they accomplish their goal, if truth is proven false, then our whole world will be tipped into hell, nothing will stop them. Fortunately, there is truth. This truth was created by the Author of Life, God. Without him, nothing makes sense. With him, everything has meaning. It might be possible to believe in truth without its author – I don’t know – but you’d have a hard time explaining it.

Remember that “new ethic” described a couple paragraphs ago? Well, that’s as ancient as Cain’s murder of his brother. It’s inspired by the same person, too. His name is Satan, and he’d like nothing better than for truth to be abolished.

So what can I do to build a pro-life generation? I can show others that they need the God of the Bible, the author of truth, in their lives. Only when everyone knows him will abortion, with a host of other problems, disappear. And I can pray for the translation of my Hebrew name: “Come, Lord Jesus.” We need you.


Stand Up for Life and Create a Pro-Life Generation

By Zachary Bruna, Grade 8

How would you feel if you didn’t get a chance at life and could never see the sun rise or fall? Did you know that 1.1 million babies die each year from abortion? If you kill a bald eagle, you get put in jail with an additional fine. But if you kill an unborn baby, there are no consequences for that act.

What can I do to build a pro-life generation? As a young person with my whole life ahead of me, I feel privileged that it is my mission to go out and preach the great news of pro-life. My mom chose life for me and your mom also chose life for you. If you weren’t aborted, then why should you feel you have the right to kill an unborn baby?

“As a Pro-Life generation, we want to end abortion by creating a world where every child is loved and cared for, where every mother has the support that she needs to raise a child or to make an adoption plan for her child,” (”How You Can Make a Difference”). God desires that we all value every human life and I want to follow His will and lead by example in my word and deed.

“We are all needed to step up and become a prolife leader. Pre-born babies, their mothers, and their families are counting on us.”  One way I can do this is by attending the March for Life rally to stop killing unborn babies. “Because there are hundreds, if not thousands of abortion survivors who exist in the world, and whether they are open about their survival or not (most are not), marching sends a powerful message to them that they are recognized, supported, and they are not alone.”

In every way possible, we all need to prove to Congress that killing babies is wrong, and I am eager to do my part! Every human being has the right to life!

How would you feel if you didn’t get a chance at life and could never get to see the sun rise or fall? To be honest, I can’t answer that question because I am grateful that my mother chose life for me. I feel it is my duty to spread the news that abortion is wrong and every human life has value. Please join me in creating a pro-life generation. We should all choose life!

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