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Nearly 6 in 10 believe Clinton should have been charged by FBI

by | Jul 11, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

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clintonsupportpoll46reAlong with other NRL staff, my wife and I have just returned from the 2016 National Convention held in Herndon, Virginia. We’ll be running stories about the convention all week and in the July digital edition of National Right to Life News. I’ll also be passing along information about how you can obtain CDs and MPs of the great workshops, general sessions, Prayer Breakfast, and closing Banquet.

But first, a quick update on presidential politics. A new ABC News/Washington Post poll asked Americans if they agreed with the FBI’s recommendation not to charge pro-abortion Hillary Clinton with a crime over her handling of email while secretary of state. The numbers were terrible in the story but even worse if you move beyond the headlines.

A whopping 56% disagreed with the decision not to charge the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. Only 35%–barely a third–agreed. What else?

People were also asked, “Does it make you worried about what she’d do if elected President?

57% said it made them worried, to 39% who said it was “not related” to how she would perform.

Then we are told in the ABC News story written by Gregory Holyk, “Most also say the email controversy won’t affect their vote choice in the presidential election,” which is true but incomplete.

Note the very next sentence: “[M]ore say it leaves them less rather than more likely to support Clinton, 28 percent vs. 10 percent.” Think about for a second.

By a difference of 18 points, more people say the decision not to charge her will make them less likely to vote for her in November than say it will make them more likely!

As you would expect, virtually all Republicans [nearly nine in ten] “disagree with the FBI’s decision and say it worries them about what she’d do if she became president,” according to Holyk.

But even “three in 10 of Clinton’s own party faithful think she should have been charged,” Holyk writes, and “Further, as noted, political independents side more with Republicans on the issue, with roughly six in 10 saying the FBI was wrong and that the issue raises worries about Clinton as president.”

One other result, this time from Rasmussen Reports. Under the headline, “Qualifications, Now Rate Trump Equal,” we learn two major things.

First, that 2/3rds (65%) disagree with President Obama that “there has never ever been any man or woman more qualified for this office than Hillary Clinton.”

Second, according to Rasmussen,

When given the choice, 41% of all voters think Clinton is better qualified to be president, but just as many (40%) say that of Trump. A sizable 19% are undecided.

That’s a noticeable shift in Trump’s favor from April when 50% said Clinton is qualified to be president, but only 27% felt that way about the billionaire businessman.


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