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New Video Memorializes American Victims of Abortion’s 30th Year

by | Jul 22, 2016

(left to right) Olivia Gans Turner, Pam Rucinski, and Karen Cross

(left to right) Olivia Gans Turner, Pam Rucinski, and Karen Cross

Powerful movements often bubble up from painful life experiences. American Victims of Abortion (A.V.A.) is one such movement, now commemorating its 30th year.

A specially produced video was the kick-off to a general session dedicated to A.V.A., at the recent National Right to Life Convention held in Herndon, Virginia just outside of Washington, D.C.

Olivia Gans Turner, the President of American Victims of Abortion since 1985, and Karen Cross, the Political Director for National Right to Life, helped craft the video’s message. Both women experienced abortions.

“We were sold a bill of goods — that abortion was an answer to social and personal problems,” says Olivia. “The lie persuaded us to avoid seeking real answers that New Video Memorializes American Victims of Abortion 30 Years respect the dignity of both the mothers and their children. Many of us felt emotionally overwhelmed by the despair, anger and grief.”

Pam Rucinski, the film’s writer/producer met Olivia and Karen when A.V.A. was still a young organization.

At the time, Rucinski was producing a video on Post Abortion Trauma — one of the first films ever created on the issue. Both Olivia and Karen were involved in that project and featured in the video.

Rucinski believes A.V.A. and its predecessor WEBA (Women Exploited by Abortion) opened the gateway to healing from abortion’s aftermath. As the new video points out, A.V.A. can also be credited for bringing men, grieving the loss of an aborted child, into the movement.

A.V.A. has worked with the media, provided testimony in multiple Supreme Court cases, spoke across the globe, impacted legislation, and fostered research on Post Abortion Trauma and other health damage, including the link between abortion and breast cancer.

“A.V.A. has come a long way,” says Rucinski. “It’s an impressive outreach of National Right to Life. I feel honored to know these women and the many others who have put their heart and soul into healing abortion victims and building a society that values life.”

For more information on the video contact: Rucinski@ or call 715- 241-7316.

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