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No one who believes abortion is wrong should ever be forced to participate in the killing of a fellow human being.

by | Jul 11, 2016

unborn-babythumb2Imagine being forced, against your will, to participate in abortion – the deliberate killing of an innocent child.

That would never happen in America, right?


A long-standing federal law known as the Weldon Amendment exists to guarantee that health care entities don’t have to be involved abortions in any way if they choose not to.

But the Obama Administration is arrogantly refusing to enforce that law. They are allowing some states to force employers and their insurance plans to include abortion in health insurance policies against their will!

In some parts of the country, the effects of the Obama Administration’s extra-legal gutting of the Weldon Amendment means that employers such as churches and religious schools are told they must buy health insurance plans for their employees that include abortion.

That is against the law – but pro-abortion bureaucrats have issued “interpretations” of that law that completely gut the law they are supposed to enforce!

This blatant trampling on citizens’ legal conscience rights must stop!

Pro-life members of Congress have responded by introducing the Conscience Protection Act of 2016. It will give citizens important new tools to defend their right not be involved in abortions if they choose not to.

The new bill will give citizens and employers the right to sue under federal civil rights law if a bureaucrat tries to take away their fundamental right to not have to be involved in abortion against their will.

A vote is scheduled in the U.S. House of Representatives this week, perhaps as early as Wednesday. To ensure our precious conscience rights, National Right to Life asks you to immediately do two things:

Go to NRLC’s Legislative Action Center here. By entering your zip code, you can instantly send a message to your U.S. Representative to ask him or her to vote for the Conscience Protection Act of 2016, and to oppose any weakening amendments.

Contribute to NRLC’s campaign to alert Americans to this threat to our fundamental rights. We need to inform millions of Americans about this abuse of power and generate overwhelming support to pass in the House and Senate.

No American should ever be forced to participate in the killing of others. Help us put an end to that injustice now!

carol-tobias-sigpicdonate-250-roundFor their lives,

Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life President

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