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Painfully unfunny doesn’t keep NARAL from running “Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions”

by | Jul 13, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

celebritiesgettingabortions4reI have no idea if Jerry Seinfeld has ever talked about abortion, but, regardless, should he ever see “Comedians in Cars Getting Abortions,” I am confident he will cringe.

Granted, NARAL is tone-deaf, but are they so lost in space they think doing a Seinfeld rip off will turn abortion into a joke? (In recent years, Seinfeld has produced a video series–“Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”– in which he talks with other famous celebrities for 15 to 25 minutes while they are riding around in various snazzy cars.)

The gist of the 6:33 video ( is that abortions are really difficult to get. Given the setting, presumably California, this is preposterous on its face.

In the last shot, the woman asks where can she get an abortion, and the abortion clinic representative responds that “the easiest way is probably to go someplace where it’s legal, like Canada or Uruguay.”

Okay. Two quick thoughts. First, the two comedians are “Silicon Valley’s” Alice Wetterlund and Nato Green, a standup comedian, not exactly “A” listers. They do the best they can with the unfunny, wince-inducing dialogue, setting, and mock realism.

Speaking of mockery, needless to say they stumble across a crisis pregnancy center where the woman who greets them is the kind of caricature that makes it easier to treat obliterating a helpless unborn child as almost a duty just to make her go away.

Second, the entire premise is just stupid. Abortions are “hard to get”? Please. They joke about going to another abortion clinic in a nearby city but since it’s been a month since a famous music festival, it will be “super busy.” It’s harder to get a Prius in California than it is an abortion.

We are dealing with people whose goal in life is to end as many unborn lives as possible. How?

First and foremost by having the likes of abortion extremist Hillary Clinton as President. Second by turning an action of utmost moral gravity into a punch line.

Always helps to know your opposition.

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