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The Inevitable: Kaine supports Clinton’s goal to end Hyde Amendment

by | Jul 27, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion Sen. Tim Kaine

Pro-abortion Sen. Tim Kaine

As we discussed yesterday, pro-abortion Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, is in lock-step with the former Secretary of State’s abortion on demand/publicly funding position.

NRL News Today wrote about that because some clung to the notion that because Kaine had told the Weekly Standard earlier this month that “traditionally [he had] been a supporter of the Hyde amendment,” that might serve as some kind of restraint on Clinton who has made ending the Hyde Amendment a priority. [As we’ve discussed, Kaine had already pledged allegiance to the rest of the radical abortion agenda, including co-sponsoring a law that would wipe out virtually all protective pro-life legislation, including bans on late abortions.}

And, sure enough, the Weekly Standard’s John McCormack explained how CNN is “reporting that Kaine has privately told Hillary Clinton that he supports her goal of repealing the Hyde amendment.”

What to say? How about three things.

First, Kaine has always clung to his “personally opposed” mantra. This morning Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards “provided some cover” (CNN’s Tom Kludt’s description) on CNN’s “New Day” for his reversal.

Well, he’s been very clear that his own personal opinions don’t relate to policy,” Richards said. “In fact, as a senator, he’s had a 100% rating with the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. He has been a champion for Planned Parenthood.”

PPFA's Cecille Richards

PPFA’s Cecille Richards

It’s not often the President of the largest abortion provider anywhere in the world so flatly admits that “personal opinions” mean absolutely nothing if they get in the way of advancing the abortion agenda. 100% rating and “a champion for Planned Parenthood”–that’s their guy, Tim Kaine.

By the way, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, appearing Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper,” said, “voters can be 100 percent confident that Tim Kaine is going to fight to protect a woman’s right to choose.”

Second, it cannot be emphasized enough how far out to sea is Clinton and the Sisterhood of Death. They’ve worked hand in hand with a publication called Vox (which we’ve discussed before) to manufacture tortuously worded questions the responses to which (they insist) indicate the public is switching on tax payer funding of abortion.

This is so phony, so blatantly a misrepresentation of the truth you almost gasp. But they need something–anything–to argue it’s a winning position to go against the 60%+ of the public that opposes taxpayer funding of abortion.

Why? Not only because they assume the mainstream media will hide this, but also because the Hyde Amendment has saved well over 1 million people.

And Planned Parenthood counts the saving of any–any–lives as a defeat for its Culture of Death (it is!).

More abortions, in more places at home and abortion, as late in pregnancy as desired, and funded by your tax dollars and mine.

And third, as we note in a separate post today, platforms matter. The Democrats are as strongly pro-abortion as Republicans are strongly pro-life.

By the way, because of Kaine’s selection, we will be subjected to unending lectures about how violating his own conscience is indicative of Kaine’s superior political morality.

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