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81 days…and counting

by | Aug 19, 2016

By Dave Andrusko

Editor’s note. This appeared on page two of the August digital edition of National Right to Life News You can read all the many news stories, commentaries, opinion pieces, and editorials at

Andrea and Robbie De Clercq

Andrea and Robbie De Clercq

While it may seem as if Election Day, November 8, is still a long ways off, in truth the moment of decision is only 81 days away. Ten and a half weeks is one way of illustrating the onrushing date .

Another and far more tangible way is to remember that as the nation considers whether it will elect to our highest office a pro-abortionist so militant, so uncompromising, so unyielding, and so ambitious that the determination of her husband (a former president himself) to spread the abortion menace pales in comparison, 22,459 unborn babies will have perished.

The August digital edition of National Right to Life News is replete with stories and comparison pieces and quotations. If you take the time to read even a handful, you will know that Hillary Clinton not only intends to destroy every remnant of protective pro-life legislation, she is not shy about abridging your religious liberties if they get in the way of multiplying the number of dead babies at home and around the world.

As often as we post about the topic, I honestly believe only a very small portion of Americans understand the right of conscience is already under siege in places like Canada over the “right” to assisted suicide. That plague does not respect borders.

Likewise, it is no accident (as the Marxists used to say)that the Democratic Party has enshrined in its platform a call to overturn the Hyde Amendment. That 40 year-old provision of an annual bill which eliminates public funding for abortion except in very limited cases is the legislation that is most directly in Hillary Clinton’s crosshairs.

Remember for the Sisterhood of Death, the “right” to abortion is meaningless unless it can be exercised. And if any woman cannot “exercise” the right to kill her unborn child because the Hyde Amendment bars your tax dollars and mine from financing abortions, then the Hyde Amendment must go. It also must go because it says implicitly that abortion is not a “good” thing.

Thought experiment. As a way of predicting how the machinery of government would work under a President Hillary Clinton, observe the sickening and cynical attempt by pro-abortion Democrats to use the Zika virus health scare to direct even more resources into Planned Parenthood’s already overflowing coffers.

Most of the rest of us know little other than the Zika virus has spread to the United States and that is it is linked to microcephaly, a birth defect that results in babies with small heads and developmental issues. The Democrats know media manipulation and brute power.

But life-affirming responses to the 100% understandable worries and concerns raised by the Zika virus also show how people in general, people of faith, in particular, can turn back the anti-life tide. Let me offer just one example I wrote about earlier this week.

In a story that aired on WPBF Channel 25 in West Beach, Florida, Haneefa De Clercq offered a stirring defense of the lives of children born with microcephaly and encouragement to what reporter Sanika Dange called “to-be mothers” who are carrying the Zika virus.


Ms. De Clercq, born in the small African nation of Malawi, has two adult children, Andrea and Robbie, born with microcephaly. (Her oldest daughter lives in New York.)

They attend a special needs school in Miami. Doctors initially gave Andrea only four months to live. Dange explains that

She’s now 37 years old and her brother, Robbie, is 33 years old. Though Andrea’s mind is that of a 3-year-old, and her brother’s that of a 7-year-old, De Clercq says they dazzle her every day. De Clercq believes they both have a photographic memory. Andrea excels at computers and technology, while Robbie takes to the arts. His paintings hang throughout De Clercq’s home.

“I never expected that I could give them an instruction and that they would follow that instruction and do it properly,” De Clercq admits. “I see the love between them and it gives me tears of joy

In the interview with Channel 25, she explains her belief there are three kinds of people. The first would be the kind that would hurl ugly taunts at Andrea and Robbie–“every name you could think of,” including monkey.

“The second type are the ones that don’t know where to look,” she told Dange. “They see my kids and it’s like, ‘Oh my God,’ crossing the road, avoiding us like someone with leprosy.

“And then you get the third category that I love with all my heart that come to me and say, ‘What happened? Why are they like this?’ And my smile is even wider because someone wants to know my story.”

The WPBF profile concludes with De Clercq saying that she hopes more research will be done to find a way to fight the virus. And then comes an incredibly powerful closing message intended for pregnant women who are infected with the Zika virus:

“And that’s what I want those mothers to know, that it’s not the end of the world because you have these kids. They will teach them so much. They’ll teach them how to love. They will teach them patience, which is the greatest gift. Everything is in God’s time, and if we have the patience to go through that, the rewards are so much greater. And my kids are my greatest gift. They are the greatest gift God has ever given me.”

I write all that to say this. We could in store for a patch of very, very rough waters.

But as long as we have the “patience to go through” those tough times–and the endurance and the confidence that our cause is just–the time will come when unborn children will be welcomed in life and protected in law. “And that’s what I want those mothers to know. That it is not the end of the world just because you have these kids. They will teach them so much. They will teach them how to love, They will teach them patience, which is the greatest gift. Everything is in God’s time and if we have the patience to go through that, the rewards are so much greater. And my kids are my greatest gift. They are the greatest gift that God could have ever given me.”

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